WRC Schedules

Understanding the WRC Schedule

Bet on World Rally Car (WRC), through the World Rally Championship. This is the highest level of professional rallying and is governed by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which also regulates Formula One (F1) racing. World Rally Championship odds are available through the motocross or auto racing categories on the online sportsbook.  

Main Events for 2022

The 2022 FIA World Rally Championship is the 50th season for the annual rally car tournament. It began in January with the Rallye Monte-Carlo and will conclude in November with Rally Japan. There are 13 races this season with gravel being the surface for half of the races (seven) followed by tarmac (four) and snow in Sweden.

The series is supported by the World Rally Championship-2 and World Rally Championship-3, which is their next-tier racing championships.

Hyundai, Toyota, and M-Sport Ford are currently the competing manufacturers. You can bet on the drivers and/or the constructors in outright betting lines for the World Rally Championship. Be sure to check the up-to-date WRC schedule

Tips Before Betting on World Rally Car

Betting on World Rally Car is similar to betting on NASCAR or F1 or other auto racing sports. Of course, the format is different but outright betting has the same concept: Bet on the driver/constructor who you think will win. 

  1. Betting on multiple drivers can be a good way to be profitable; it depends on the betting odds, of course. But laying money on several moderate underdogs can yield a profit even if only one of them ends up winning. 
  2. Bet disciplined; stay focused on your bankroll and bet with a “unit” system, a percentage of your bankroll. Don’t bet arbitrary amounts. It takes a little bit of math, but it goes a long way in keeping you from recklessly blowing through your cash.
  3. Keep an eye on the weather and its impact on the betting odds; as weather will affect the racing conditions, the betting lines may shift even just a little. Consider if certain racers will see an increase or decrease in their value.
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