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Getting Into The Boxing Odds

Boxing betting odds are easy to understand once you know what you are looking for. The sport of boxing have pretty similar betting dynamics to some major team sports wagers. All you need to do is figure out which fighter is going to be able to win the fight at its most simplistic terms.

There is no point spread in the boxing world on a typical bet. They could provide one on total strikes landed, but that is rare to see and is a prop bet that is all the way down the line.

How to Read Boxing Odds?

Reading boxing betting odds is not too difficult to comprehend, as there are a few ways to go. One of the things is deciding how to win. A prop bet can be placed on some sportsbooks to decide how the fight will end (knockout, total knockout, decision, etc) and each will have their own special odds.

You can also wager on the over or under of how many rounds that fight will last. There is a great number of things to understand, but you can get into the simplicity of understanding the total bet is how many rounds the fight will end and to bet on an individual fighter with the favorite shown by a minus sign and the underdog being represented by a plus sign.

Boxing Betting Example

In this example, Apollo Creed is considered the favorite to win the fight and in order to win $100, you would need to bet $120. If you believed that Rocky Balboa would win the fight as the underdog and placed that same $100 wager, you would win $100 if Balboa were to win the fight.

Boxing Fight Betting Odds Example

Apollo Creed-120
Rocky Balboa+100

Boxing Fight Odds FAQs

What are boxing odds?

Boxing odds are the probability of a boxer winning a fight, expressed as a numerical value. For example, if a boxer has odds of -100, they are considered the favorite to win the fight. If a boxer has odds of +200, they are considered the underdog.

How are boxing odds determined?

Boxing odds are determined by a number of factors, including the boxers’ records, their recent performances, their styles, and the venue of the fight. Oddsmakers will also consider the public’s perception of the fight when setting the odds.

What are the different types of boxing odds?

There are three main types of boxing odds: moneyline odds, round betting odds, and prop bets. Moneyline odds are the most common type of boxing odds and simply represent the probability of a boxer winning the fight. Round betting odds allow you to bet on which round a boxer will win the fight. Prop bets are a type of special bet that can be made on a variety of factors, such as the number of rounds the fight will last or whether or not a boxer will knock out their opponent.
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