MLB Injuries


MLB Injuries

Like every professional sports league, MLB injuries are a part of the regular season and it impacts the game just as much, if not more. Keep this page bookmarked to read the MLB teams’ detailed injury reports.

How to Read MLB Injuries 

All injuries by the team are listed below. The table identifies the specific injury, their status such as game availability or how long they are expected out) and notes to put their injuries into more context. 

Not all injuries are the same. Some are long-term injuries and some are mild. This means that players’ injury status can change day to day or week to week. It’s best to keep checking on the injury reports to be certain. 

How Does an Injury Impact my Betting? 

It depends on which player and what positions are injured. Each missing starter may impact the team you are betting on, but it will take the absence of a key player, the team’s best hitter or one of the best pitchers, to greatly adjust the moneyline and run line (point spreads). 

This is a long season and even if MLB is not as “physical” as the NFL or NHL, team injuries are frequent. Always check the report before betting.

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