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Understanding how an NBA game scores is a crucial part of betting on the NBA.

Each NBA matchup consists of four 12-minute quarters, with a half-time after the second. During the game, players can score either one, two, or three points for every basket they make, depending from where on the court they made the basket. Two-pointers are scored from a closer range, roughly 22 feet and in, while shots beyond that spot are worth three points. There are three primary ways to score in basketball: 


The first way to score is through a field goal, which refers to any basket scored during regular gameplay from inside the arc that designates the three-point line on the court. In order to score through a field goal, a player must make a shot from inside the three-point line during regular gameplay.
There are a variety of ways to make a field goal, such as layups, jump shots, and dunks. Layups are typically performed when a player is close to the basket and uses a single hand to shoot the ball off the backboard and into the basket.
Jump shots, on the other hand, are performed when a player jumps off the ground and shoots the ball while in midair.
Dunks are another way to score and are performed when a player jumps and slams the ball through the basket.


The second way to score is through a free throw, which is awarded to a player after a foul is committed by the opposing team. Free throws are taken from the free-throw line and are worth one point each.
Free throws are awarded to players after a foul has been committed by the opposing team. These shots are taken from the free-throw line and are worth one point each. To make a free throw, a player must shoot the ball from behind the free-throw line while standing still.
A player is typically awarded two free throws for each foul committed by the opposing team, although the exact number can vary depending on the circumstances.
A free throw is, basically, a shot from 15 feet away, and the number of shots allowed correlates with how many points the player could have scored if they had made the shot and were fouled on.
If fouled on a shot attempt, and it goes in, you still get one free throw, which can turn two points into three.


Finally, a third way to score is through a three-point field goal, which is scored when the ball is thrown from beyond the three-point line and goes through the basket.
A three-point field goal is scored when a player throws the ball from beyond the three-point line and it goes through the basket.
Three-point field goals are worth three points each and are often attempted by players who are skilled at shooting from long distances.
Making a three-point field goal requires a player to shoot the ball with enough force to get it to the basket from a considerable distance away.

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NBA Scores & Results FAQs

How do players score in a basketball game?

There are three ways in which points are scored. Scoring a shot from outside the three-point line awards three points. Scoring a shot from inside said three-point line awards two points. Free throws (awarded when the player is fouled) award 1 point each.

How are NBA scores calculated?

NBA scores are calculated by adding up the points scored by each team at the end of the game. Each made basket is worth 2 or 3 points, depending on the location of the shot, and free throws are worth 1 point. The team with the higher score at the end of the game wins.

Can I use NBA scores to bet on games?

Yes, you can use NBA scores to bet on games. Many online sportsbooks offer betting options for NBA games, including point spreads and over/under bets based on the final score. It is important to do your research and only bet what you can afford to lose.

What is considered clutch time in NBA games?

Clutch time in NBA games is defined as a game with a score within five points in the final five minutes of play. This is the time when the pressure is highest and every possession counts.

How are turnovers counted in NBA games?

Turnovers in NBA games are counted when a player loses possession of the ball to the opposing team. There are several types of turnovers, including bad passes, offensive fouls, traveling violations, and stepping out of bounds. Turnovers can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game, especially during clutch time.
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