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The Bundesliga is among the top five European soccer leagues, the most prominent division in the German soccer competition. Therefore, it’s one of the most popular leagues on which to wager.

With different approaches to betting on Bundesliga, including goal spreads during the many matchdays, we recommend you read this comprehensive guide.

Bundesliga Betting Explained

Bundesliga Betting Odds & Examples

The Bundesliga betting odds are similar to other soccer league betting odds. So, if you are familiar with how it works for the sport, it is the same. However, if this is your first encounter, the odds are pretty straightforward. The negative sign beside the odd indicates favorites, like in any other sport.

1 X 2 BETS

The 1 X 2 Bet market is where you place a bet on either the home or away team to win or on a draw. In this case, you can predict that the matchup will end in a specific way.


Double Chance is all about hedging your Home/Away win bets. If you believe a team would win, you can hedge your bets so that if the game ends in a draw, you still win. Another similar option is Draw No Bet. However, if the game ends in a draw, your bet is void.


Props bets are unique options you can bet on, whether on players or teams. You will find options like anytime goalscorer, if VAR will be used, first to score, time of the first goal, etc.


The over/under Totals market covers the corners, cards, goals, and foul options. In this case, you can bet that the combined number of goals, cards, corners, or fouls would surpass or not reach the set spread by the betting site. 

How to Bet on Bundesliga

There is a favorite and an underdog in almost every Bundesliga game, since the gulf of superior Bundesliga players are concentrated with certain clubs in the league. As a result, sportsbooks use goal spreads to level the playing field in each game.

To set the spread lines, bookmakers look at the clubs opposing one another and how they fare based on strength, class, form, etc. Once that’s determined, they set the appropriate line, and bettors take either side.

In this case, the better team based on the factors taken into account gets the negative spread, meaning that they start off chasing.

Conversely, the underdogs get a head start, or a lead based on the spread. As the bundesliga match starts, they’re ahead by a predetermined number of goals. You need to understand that the spread could end in a draw, depending on the number of goals the winning team scores.

Although the Bundesliga is a top-rated league, the difference between the top and mid-table teams is massive. The league is almost always a two-horse race between Bayern Munich and Dortmund, and not until recently was there a “third” team in the hunt.

With the rise of Leipzig, the Bundesliga is somewhat a three-team competition, with Bayern Munich dominating most seasons. However, aside from the top three teams dominating, the league is exciting.

Check out the updated Bundesliga standings

The mid-table teams put up a good encounter when they play. Teams like Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke O4, Hoffenheim, Union Berlin, etc., are great to watch. When they play, sportsbooks use current form, injuries and other important factors to set the spread line.

For instance, if Freiburg meets Hoffenheim, and Vicenzo Grifo is unable to play, there’s a chance that Freiburg would struggle as he’s their star. In this case, Hoffenheim might be the favorite to win.

Sportsbooks also look at other areas like a home-ground advantage, pitch conditions, tactics and sometimes coaches’ press-interview answers.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For Bundesliga

Getting started with Bundesliga goal-spread betting, you need to make sure you’re familiar with how goal spread works, Bundesliga standings, and Bundesliga schedule with suspensions/injury reports, plus other integral areas.

In that case, we’ve put together some tips, tricks and expert recommendations to help kickstart your betting on Bundesliga.

Be Familiar With The League

The Bundesliga is a tough league which can be unpredictable, especially with mid-table teams. However, once you understand the league, you will know which teams are at the top of their forms as well as who are the amazing performers.

With that information, you’ll know when to bet on a particular goal spread. Watching the games will give you an idea of which team has key players that can make or mar an outcome.

Don’t Underestimate the Underdogs

There are always underdogs, especially when the top teams face the lower ones. However, the underdogs can get a draw or even a win against the best teams in the league.

Do not underestimate a particular team because they are the underdogs; always try to bet on such a team if you think it has a shot.

Be Familiar With Trends

There are trends throughout the season, so before you start betting, you need to be familiar with trends in the league; for instance, check a team’s result against a particular spread in previous games.

That way, you can also add context to the trends, giving you a chance to see why they had that record. Familiarize and contextualize trends, then expect some improvement in your betting.

Study Statistics And News

Statistics are a great way to improve your knowledge of how teams perform throughout the season, providing an overview of how they previously performed against the current opponent.

You should always follow the news to avoid missing information that can sway your decision. For instance, if a star player or a main defender is out, that could alter your wager.

Have A Budget

Budgeting in gambling is an excellent way to protect and manage your bankroll. You need a specific amount you want to bet. Make sure it is reasonable to cover a suitable number of bets.

Stick to the budget. Do not chase losses if you lose money. Instead, when that happens, take a step back to rework your strategy before returning to wager.

Avoid Accumulators and Parlays

When betting on point spreads, do not place accumulator bets or parlays. That way, you do not increase the risk of losing. Although the payout is much larger than a single bet, the chances of success are indeed slimmer.

When you have a reasonable bankroll and can afford to lose some of it, then give it a chance There might even be a win to massively grow your bankroll.

Bundesliga History

The German Bundesliga, or 1. Bundesliga is the national top men’s professional football league in Germany founded in 1963. The tournament started with 16 German teams before increasing to 18 in 1965 and 20 in 1991. However, it was later reduced to 18 teams in 1992, and has stayed that way since.

FC Koln was the first champion of the German Bundesliga. However, Bayern Munich is the most successful team in the league despite joining two years after the championship started. And the team holds the most concurrent season record since it hasn’t been relegated after joining.

The league format is similar to others. A victory translates to three points, and a draw equals two points. Any team with the most accumulated points possible after 34 games wins the league. However, if after 34 games, two or more teams are tied on points, the goal difference comes to play, and the team with a better GD wins.

However, if they are still tied, they check the total number of goals scored; after that, it is head-to-head, and then the total-away goals they score. Finally, the teams that remain tied face each other at a neutral ground for a winner-takes-all match.


Bundesliga is pretty predictable at the top, since only three teams realistically have a chance to win the title. However, the mid and lower-table battle is intriguing and unpredictable, so there’s more to the league than Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Leipzig.

Before you consider the lower teams, try to become familiar with their performance.

Bundesliga FAQS

How Do I Bet on Bundesliga?

You need to find a top sportsbook covering soccer and Bundesliga, then register, deposit, and start playing.

Do I Need a Special Bundesliga Sportsbook?

Not necessarily. However, if you want to focus on only the league, you can find one if they exist.

What Other Betting Markets Are Available?

You can bet on the halftime/full-time win, the first sub, goalscorers markets, etc.

Who Is Currently the Best Player in the Bundesliga?

Undoubtedly, Robert Lewandowski is currently the best player in the league.

Who Are the Top Teams to Consider?

The top teams are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Hoffenheim, and Bayer Leverkusen.
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