NHL Schedules


Understanding the NHL Schedule

The NHL season is one of the longest in professional sports, and is the longest among the “Big Four” leagues of North America. The season officially begins in October, with the start of the regular season, and ends with the Stanley Cup Final in June. NHL odds are offered throughout the year, and before and after the season.

Main Events for the 2022 Season 

The Stanley Cup Final is the NHL’s biggest event, but the league also offers other notable games. The NHL All-Star Game takes place in late January, or early February. It also features a Skills Challenge the night before. 

Popular outdoor games are also played in the middle of the season. These games are part of the NHL Stadium Series and NHL Heritage Classic. There is also the Winter Classic that is played every New Year’s Day. All these games’ puck lines (point spreads) and moneylines are widely available on online sportsbooks. Be sure to keep up with the NHL schedule scores and stay updated with all the NHL news

3 Tips Before Betting NHL

The NHL is a bit unique compared to the NBA and NFL namely because of its puck line. Keep these things in mind before betting on the NHL:

  1. The puck line is similar to the MLB’s run line; favorites usually get plus-money odds here, since winning by more than one goal can be difficult. Sometimes this can be a sharp way to bet on a heavily-priced favorite.
  2. Injuries are common in the NHL, but do not impact the games as significantly as injuries in the NBA or MLB. Keep an eye on the odds and see if they shift after news of injuries breaks out.
  3. Just like the other professional leagues, there is some bias when it comes to awarding lines to teams here. Popular teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs are often given lofty lines while lesser-known teams, like the Columbus Blue Jackets or Anaheim Ducks, can be had at more affordable prices. Of course, check their performance on the betting lines first before wagering on them.

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