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Understanding the NCAAF Schedule

The NCAAF schedule basically runs at the same time as the NFL season, but the NCAA college football season perfectly complements its professional counterpart.

College football games are mostly aired on Saturday, from the end of August to mid-December, followed by bowl games and capped by the national championship game just a week after New Year’s Day.

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The NCAAF schedule is not just about games; it’s about strategy, fairness, and the journey to the coveted College Football Playoff and bowl games.

Structure of the NCAA Football Schedule:

The NCAAF schedule is designed to accommodate varying numbers of college football games per team, typically ranging from eight to twelve games in a season. Each team plays an equal number of home and away games.

However, the specific dates, opponents, and locations are the puzzle pieces that shape each team’s unique schedule. Conferences play a pivotal role in determining the NCAAF Calendar. Teams within the same conference may have distinct schedules based on their affiliations.

Conference Involvement:

College football conferences wield considerable influence over the NCAAF schedules. They decide the number of conference games, ranging from eight to ten games, and whether to include a conference championship game.

The finalized conference schedules are submitted to the NCAA and are made available for fans to plan their game days.

NCAA's Role:

The NCAA doesn’t dictate specific game dates but provides a selection of approved schedules. These approved NCAAF schedules outline which teams play home and away games but leave the scheduling of dates to the schools.

The schools assess their overall season’s flow and determine the most suitable dates based on the approved schedules.

Bowl Games and College Football Playoff:

The NCAA employs selection committees to determine bowl game participants. While the College Football Playoff selection committee considers factors like strength of schedule, head-to-head results, and conference championships, other bowl committees primarily base their decisions on team records.

The College Football Playoff schedule is controlled by the NCAA, while other bowl games vary in their selection criteria.

Release and Adaptation:

The NCAA football schedule is released at the start of the season, detailing the slate of games for each team.

However, as the NCAAF season progresses, changes might occur due to rescheduled or canceled games. The NCAA also monitors average temperatures to avoid scheduling multiple games at the same time due to climate-related challenges.

Bye Weeks:

Every college football team enjoys a bye week, a period without a scheduled game. Even during the bye week, teams may have one game planned to ensure equity in scheduling. This approach prevents certain teams from having more games while others have none, which could lead to unfair advantages.

Tips Before Betting on College Football Games

Although NCAA football is still football and has mostly the same rules as the NFL, it can differ widely. Keep in mind some tips before engaging:

Beware Of The NCAAF Odds

College sports, especially college football, can be volatile. Even if juggernaut programs like Alabama and Georgia are powerful and win consistently, they are prone to getting upset. Do not blindly throw money at their moneyline as their NCAAF Odds can be at ridiculous prices.

Focus On the MoneyLine

Learn how to convert the odds into win probability and determine if you are comfortable wagering cash for this team’s shot at winning (or covering the spread). Look up the matchups and check the teams' records on the spread before you bet on NCAA football.

Check The Weather.

Most teams play outdoors so the weather and field conditions will affect win probabilities and scoring rates. A snowy day in Wisconsin will play out differently than a hot, sunny day in Florida, especially if a team is not used to playing under certain conditions.

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College Football Calendar FAQs

When does the NCAAF schedule typically start and end?

The NCAAF schedule usually starts in late August or early September and concludes with the National Championship game, which takes place in January.

How many games are typically included in an NCAAF schedule?

The number of games in an NCAAF schedule varies from team to team, but most college football teams play around 12 regular-season games. Some may also participate in bowl games or conference championships, adding more games to their schedule.

What is Week 0 in the NCAAF schedule?

Week 0 in the NCAAF schedule refers to the first week of college football games before the official start of the regular season. It usually takes place a week before the majority of teams begin their schedule.

What is the significance of the National Championship in the NCAAF schedule?

The National Championship game in the NCAAF schedule is the culmination of the college football season. It determines the best team in the country, as the top two teams compete for the coveted title. The winner is crowned the national champion of college football for that particular season.

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