Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Explained

While the golf tournament isn’t as matchup-based as other individual sports (boxing, tennis or mixed martial arts [MMA], as examples), golf matchups are offered in wagering. Golf players tee off in pairs or threesomes, and you can wager on golf in this way. 

Tee-offs in the first day of a golf tournament is in inverse order of the standings, meaning the top-ranked golfers begin later in the day than the lower-ranked players, with few exceptions. The second day has the tee times determined by the standings in the tournament, so the current leaders (at the beginning of that round) are last out.

Playoff matchups occur in several events, including the Ryder Cup pitting the U.S. against Europe. Events like The Match have two pros and two celebrities (usually other star athletes) opposing each other. 

Review these pertinent golf tournament statistics to get a good idea of how players are faring this season. However, take the stats with a grain of salt. Consistency in golf betting is difficult. As it’s among the most competitive of any sports, there’s a lot of variance in results.

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