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Getting into betting on World Rally Championship (WRC) might sound like a tedious task for those who have never before placed a bet on WRC. However, as many rally betting experts will tell you, betting on rally races is very straightforward and easy to learn, mainly because it’s not that much different from betting on any other motorsport.

How to read WRC Rally Odds?

Before you can place your first bet on rally, you need to know how to read WRC Rally odds, which should come as second nature to anyone with a basic understanding of betting.

Depending on which bookmaker you choose, the WRC Rally odds will be written in one of three formats – American (-200), Decimal (1.50), or Fractional (1/2). But you don’t need to learn how to read all three formats since all online bookmakers will allow you to customize the odds to your liking.

After you learn how to read odds and what they mean, you’re ready to explore the betting markets and take a closer look at the available bet types. Luckily, even that step is very simple, largely because, in contrast to football, or basketball, there aren’t that many bets available for WRC Rally.

Outright race winner is the most common one you will find, but there are also some versions of point spreads and a nice selection of proposition bets you can take advantage of. So even though you are relatively limited when you bet on WRC Rally, there are enough options for you to find what you like.

WRC Rally Betting Example

Assuming you’re using the American odds format, the race winner WRC Rally odds selection will look like:

  • Kalle Rovanperä +150
  • Elfyn Evans +350
  • Thierry Neuville +350
  • Ott Tänak +600

Priced at the lowest odds, Kalle Rovanperä is the favorite to win, and at +150, you can expect to earn $150 for every $100 you bet on him. Meanwhile, a $100 bet on Ott Tänak (at +600) will earn you $600.

Betting on the WRC race winner is the most common way you can bet on WRC Rally, but it’s not the only one. You will also find promotion bets which allow you to bet regarding an occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that doesn’t affect the final result, which can include a bet on whether a certain driver will crash or whether he will have a flat tire, and more.

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Can I bet on long-term WRC predictions, such as the winner of the season?

Yes, you can place bets on long-term predictions in WRC, such as the overall winner of the season or the winner of specific championships within the rally. These bets often offer higher odds but require patience until the outcome is determined.

Are there any special rules or regulations to consider when betting on WRC?

While specific rules and regulations may vary, it’s important to carefully review the betting guidelines for WRC. Take note of factors such as rally cancellation policies, disqualifications, and any special conditions that may have an impact on your bets.

Can I bet on specific stages or segments of a WRC rally?

Yes, there are options available for betting on individual stages or segments within a WRC rally. You can place bets on the winners of stages, the fastest times recorded, and other outcomes specific to each stage.

Are there any specific strategies for betting on WRC?

Developing a strategy for betting on WRC involves analyzing historical data, understanding the strengths of drivers and teams on different terrains, and staying updated with news and developments. It can also be helpful to focus on specific stages or rally locations where certain drivers or teams have excelled.

Are there any specific statistics or data I should consider when betting on WRC?

When betting on WRC, it’s helpful to consider driver and team statistics such as previous rally performances, stage wins, consistency, and performances on specific terrains. Analyzing these factors can aid in making more informed betting decisions.
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