NCAAB Scores

Understanding NCAAB Games

College basketball is a great sport to place bets on because it offers the opportunity for many upsets to happen. You first need to understand how all NCAAB scores work to place those bets.

Each NCAAB game is broken into two 20-minute halves but follows the same points system as in the NBA. You can score one, two, or three points with every basket you make. You get two points for making a basket within the three-point line, and three points when you make a basket from beyond it.

When you get fouled on a shot and you miss, you head to the free-throw line to take the same number of free throws for the number of points you would have made if you had made the shot: two for a two-point attempt and three for a three-point attempt. If you make the shot before you are fouled, you still take a free throw, but now it adds to the total points from that possession.

How to Read NBA Scores?

With the NCAAB being a college league -not professional- it still follows many of the same rules as the professional NBA. Reading the scores is very similar, but since the players are much younger and playing for less time, the total game scores are lower. The games are a little slower, meaning scores NCAAB can fluctuate from game to game. Unlike in the NBA, teams are not built around players because often, the players leave after a year or two for the NBA. Defense can play a much more significant factor in the NCAAB, leading to low-scoring games.

How to Use NBA Scores for Betting?

A team’s average points per game and opponents’ points per game can help with college basketball score predictions. Teams tend to follow a specific style of play that a college will set, not allowing the game to be as player-oriented as the NBA. Teams that play well together, and have high assist numbers, are often the teams that can surprise a favorite. Teams with great recruiting departments are often favorites, but sometimes the players are so good that they want to get to the NBA rather than stay in college. On the other hand, some players take time to grow into NBA talents, spending multiple years with a team. That can lead to an age difference that can allow a player or team’s physical maturity to play a factor.

How to Read Betting Types?


Betting on an NCAAB moneyline is simply betting on who you think will win the game. A sportsbook will select a team they feel is most likely to win, and place them as the favorite, giving them odds that could look like -200. The team the sportsbook thinks might be the underdog will have their odds looking like +200.


Betting on an NCAAB spread is much more interesting than betting on a moneyline. The sportsbook has already established a favorite, but the spread focuses on how much a team might win by. If the line is set at 9.5 points, the sports book believes that the favorite will win by at least 10 points. If you have done your research and you agree, then you can place that bet on the favorite -9.5. However, if you believe the game will be closer, you can take the underdog to cover at +9.5, losing by less than 10 points.


When placing a bet on the over/under for the NCAAB scores, focus on the total points scored within a game. If two teams have solid offenses and put up many points, you might want to think about betting the over on a total line of 110. The game could end 65-60, and you would cover. On the other hand, if both teams have solid defenses and are not shooting the ball well, you might want to take the under.

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