What Are KenPom Ratings?

What Are KenPom Ratings?


In the world of sports betting, understanding and analyzing statistical data is crucial to making informed decisions and gaining an edge over bookmakers. One valuable tool that has gained immense popularity among betting experts is the KenPom Ratings. Created by statistician and analytics guru Ken Pomeroy, these ratings have revolutionized the way bettors evaluate teams and matchups in various sports, especially basketball.


Understanding KenPom Ratings for Betting

KenPom Betting is a system of performance-based rankings and advanced statistical metrics used to assess the quality and efficiency of basketball teams (and sometimes other sports teams). These ratings take into account various factors, including offensive and defensive performance, pace of play, strength of schedule, and other key performance indicators. KenPom Ratings provide a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of a team’s abilities beyond just their win-loss record, allowing bettors to make more educated predictions.



How To Use The KenPom Ratings

KenPom Ratings are valuable tools for sports bettors looking to make informed decisions. Here’s how to use them effectively:


Assess Team Strength:


KenPom Ratings provide insights into offensive and defensive efficiency, helping you understand a team’s true capabilities beyond win-loss records.

Compare Matchups:


Analyze team ratings before a game to identify disparities. Higher-rated teams may have advantages against lower-rated opponents.

Consider Home-Court Advantage:


KenPom Ratings might not account for home-court advantage explicitly. Factor it in when evaluating matchups and point spreads.

Spot Value Bets:


Look for discrepancies between KenPom Ratings and bookmakers’ odds. If a team has a higher rating than implied by the odds, it might be a value bet.

Track Recent Form:


While KenPom Ratings offer season-long data, consider recent performances to understand a team’s current state and form.

Evaluate Betting Lines:


Use KenPom Ratings to assess projected margins and pace of play, helping you make informed decisions on point spreads and totals.

Supplement Betting Strategy:


KenPom Ratings are a valuable tool but don’t rely solely on them. Combine them with other factors and stay informed about injuries and team news.



    Types of KenPom Ratings


    KenPom Ratings

    KenPom Overall Ranking:This is the main ranking that lists all the teams based on their overall performance throughout the season. The team with the highest ranking is considered the best in the nation.
    Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (AdjO):This rating measures a team’s offensive efficiency per 100 possessions, adjusting for the quality of opposing defenses.
    Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (AdjD):This rating measures a team’s defensive efficiency per 100 possessions, accounting for the quality of opposing offenses.
    Strength of Schedule (SOS):This rating reflects the difficulty of a team’s schedule, considering the caliber of opponents faced.
    Pythagorean Win Expectancy:Based on a formula, this rating estimates a team’s expected winning percentage based on their offensive and defensive efficiency.


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    Best Sports to Bet Using KenPom Ratings


    1. College Basketball:

    College basketball is the sport where KenPom Ratings originated and where they are most commonly used. With a wealth of statistical data available for college teams, KenPom Ratings provide valuable insights into team performance, offensive and defensive efficiency, and the strength of the NCAAB schedule. This makes college basketball an ideal sport to bet on using KenPom Ratings.



    Suppose Team A has a higher KenPom ranking than Team B, indicating that Team A is statistically superior. If Team A is an underdog according to the point spread, the KenPom Ratings suggest there might be value in betting on Team A to cover the spread or even win outright.


    2. International Basketball:

    While KenPom Ratings are primarily focused on college basketball in the United States, they can also be applied to international basketball leagues with sufficient statistical data. Leagues in Europe, Asia, and other regions often have detailed stats, enabling bettors to use KenPom Ratings for a competitive advantage.



    In a European basketball league, two teams with contrasting KenPom Ratings face off. The team with the higher rating has shown better efficiency throughout the season. Betting on the higher-rated team might be a wise choice, given their statistical advantage.


    3. Other Team Sports with Advanced Statistics:

    Though KenPom Ratings gained prominence in basketball, they can be applied to other team sports that have advanced statistical tracking. For example, some soccer leagues provide in-depth metrics on team and player performance, enabling bettors to create their own “soccer KenPom Ratings” for more informed betting decisions.



    In soccer, a team with a higher “soccer KenPom Rating” may have demonstrated better offensive and defensive efficiency, making them a strong candidate for a win or a favorable result in terms of goal-based betting markets.


    4. Volleyball:

    Volleyball is another sport where advanced analytics and statistical data are becoming more prevalent. With performance metrics available for teams, players, and different aspects of the game, KenPom Ratings-inspired systems can be adapted for volleyball betting.



    In a professional volleyball league, two teams with varying KenPom-style ratings meet in a match. The team with the superior rating has displayed more efficient play in terms of scoring points and preventing the opposition from doing so. Betting on a higher-rated team might offer a higher probability of success.



    Note: While KenPom Ratings were originally designed for basketball, they can potentially be adapted to other sports with similar statistical metrics and data availability. However, the level of accuracy and applicability might vary depending on the sport and the depth of available statistics.



    Pros and Cons of KenPom Ratings


    🔹 Pros:


    🔹 Advanced Metrics:


    KenPom Ratings provide a wealth of advanced statistical information that goes beyond traditional win-loss records.

    🔹 Accurate Assessments:


    They offer a more accurate representation of a team’s strengths and weaknesses, aiding in making better betting choices.

    🔹 Predictive Value:


    KenPom Ratings can help bettors identify potential upsets or point spread discrepancies, leading to profitable opportunities.



    🔸 Cons:


    🔸 Limited Applicability:


    KenPom Ratings are most useful for basketball betting, which might limit their usefulness for bettors interested in other sports.

    🔸 Single Sports Emphasis:


    As the name suggests, these ratings primarily focus on college basketball, which may not be ideal for bettors focused on professional leagues

    🔸 Human Element Ignored:


    While statistics are crucial, KenPom Ratings might not consider intangible factors such as team chemistry or coaching strategies.




    KenPom Ratings have become an indispensable tool for betting experts, providing valuable insights into team performance and potential betting opportunities. By understanding different types of KenPom Ratings, following key betting tips, and applying them in the right sports, bettors can leverage this statistical system to enhance their overall success.



    KenPom Ratings – FAQs

    What is the significance of KenPom Ratings in sports betting?

    KenPom Ratings offer advanced statistical metrics that help bettors assess team performance beyond basic win-loss records, enabling more informed betting decisions.

    Are KenPom Ratings only applicable to basketball?

    While they are predominantly used in basketball, the concepts behind KenPom Ratings can be adapted to other sports with similar performance metrics and statistical data.

    How can bettors utilize KenPom Ratings to their advantage?

    Bettors can compare team ratings, analyze matchups, consider home-court advantage, and track recent form to find potential value bets based on KenPom Ratings.

    Do KenPom Ratings guarantee success in sports betting?

    While valuable, KenPom Ratings are just one tool among many. Successful betting requires a comprehensive approach, considering other factors like injuries, recent form, and the human element.

    Where can I find the latest KenPom Ratings for college basketball?

    The KenPom Ratings are typically available on Ken Pomeroy’s website and other sports analytics platforms that feature advanced statistics for basketball.

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