How To Bet on the NCAA Naismith Player of the Year

How To Bet on the NCAA Naismith College Player of the Year


Welcome to the thrilling world of NCAA Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year betting! As college basketball enthusiasts, we know that March Madness isn’t just about the teams but also about recognizing individual excellence. The Naismith Player of the Year award honors the most outstanding player in college basketball, making it an exciting avenue for betting enthusiasts.


Naismith Player of the Year History

Established in 1969, the Naismith Player of the Year award is named after James Naismith, the inventor of basketball.


This prestigious accolade has been won by some of the greatest College Basketball players in history, adding a layer of legacy and prestige to the competition.


From Larry Bird to Michael Jordan and more recently Zion Williamson, the list of winners reads like a who’s who of the sport.



Latest Naismith Player of the Year

2012Anthony DavisKentuckyCFreshman
2013Trey BurkeMichiganGSophomore
2014Doug McDermottCreightonFSenior
2015Frank KaminskyWisconsinFSenior
2016Buddy HieldOklahomaGSenior
2017Frank Mason IIIKansasGSenior
2018Jalen BrunsonVillanovaGJunior
2019Zion WilliamsonDukeFFreshman
2020Obi ToppinDaytonFSophomore
2021Luka GarzaIowaCSophomore
2022Oscar TshiebweKentuckyCJunior
2023Zach EdeyPurdueCJunior



NCAA Naismith Player of the Year Pick Process

1. Initial Standings and Watchlist:

The process begins with the evaluation of players’ performances at the start of the college basketball season. A watchlist is compiled, highlighting players who exhibit exceptional skills, leadership, and impact on their teams.


2. Statistical Analysis:

Throughout the season, statistical performances are closely monitored. Key metrics include points per game, rebounds, assists, shooting percentages, and other relevant stats. Players with consistently impressive numbers gain attention.


3. Team Success:

The impact a player has on their team’s success is a crucial factor. Standout performances in crucial NCAAB games and contributions to team victories weigh heavily in the decision-making process.


4. Media and Coach Polls:

Media members and coaches across the country participate in polls to identify the most outstanding player. These polls contribute to the overall perception of a player’s candidacy.


5. Midseason Watchlist Trim:

As the season progresses, the watchlist is narrowed down to a more focused group of players who have consistently demonstrated excellence.


6. Conference Tournaments:

Performances in conference tournaments can significantly influence a player’s standing. A strong showing on a big stage can boost a player’s chances of winning the award.


7. Final Standings and Voting:

Towards the end of the regular season, a final list of candidates is determined. Voting panels, consisting of media members, coaches, and former players, cast their votes to select the winner. Each voter ranks their top choices, assigning points accordingly.


8. Award Announcement:

The winner is announced at the end of the college basketball season, typically during March Madness. The player with the highest vote total is crowned the NCAA Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year.



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Naismith Player of the Year Betting Odds and Lines

Navigating NCAA Naismith Player of the Year betting odds involves grasping the positive and negative formats, where positive NCAAB odds represent potential profit on a $100 bet, and negative odds indicate the amount needed to wager for a $100 return.


Identifying the favorite and underdog is crucial, with the player possessing the lowest (often negative) odds considered the frontrunner.


Implied probability, calculated as 100 / (Odds/100 + 1), helps gauge the bookmaker’s perception of a player’s likelihood of winning. As a form of futures betting, it’s essential to monitor line movements, explore various bet types such as futures, props, and over/under, and shop around for the best odds across different sportsbooks.


Evaluating historical context, player performances, and managing risks by setting a budget contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic NCAA Naismith Player of the Year betting landscape.



Types of Bets

Predicting the outright winner of the Naismith Player of the Year before the season concludes.
Betting on specific player achievements or statistics, such as points per game, rebounds, or other individual performances.
Predicting whether a player’s performance will surpass or fall below a set benchmark, is often related to statistical metrics.



Naismith Award Betting Tips

🏀 Team Success Matters: Players on successful NCAA teams with high standings are more likely to be considered for the Naismith Award.


🏀 Consistency Is Key: Look for players who consistently perform well throughout the season in scoring, rebounds, and assists.


🏀 Big Game Performances: Pay attention to how players perform in crucial matchups, especially against strong NCAA teams.


🏀 Injury Considerations: Be aware of any NCAA injuries that may impact a player’s performance and award candidacy.


🏀 Diversify Picks: Spread your NCAA picks across different teams to increase your chances of success.



Pros and Cons of Naismith Award Betting

🔷 Pros:

🔹 Individual Player Focus:


Betting on the Naismith Award allows for a more intimate and focused engagement with individual player performances, offering a unique perspective within the broader context of college basketball.

🔹 Strategic Analysis Opportunities:


The award provides an opportunity for in-depth analysis of player statistics, team dynamics, and overall impact. Bettors can capitalize on their knowledge and strategic insights to make informed wagers.

🔹 High Prestige and Recognition:


Successfully predicting the Naismith Award winner adds a layer of prestige and recognition to your betting endeavors. It’s a chance to showcase your understanding of player excellence within the NCAA basketball landscape.


🔶 Cons:

🔸 Limited Betting Window:


The Naismith Award is announced at the end of the season, creating a longer betting window compared to more immediate game outcomes. This may require a more patient approach to betting.

🔸 Unpredictability:


Factors such as injuries, unexpected player performances, or changes in voting criteria can introduce unpredictability into Naismith Award betting, making it challenging to accurately forecast the winner.

🔸 Limited Bet Types:


While the focus on individual players is a strength, the variety of bet types for the Naismith Award is somewhat limited compared to team-based bets. This may limit the diversity of betting options for enthusiasts.




Betting on the NCAA Naismith Player of the Year adds a thrilling dimension to the college basketball betting experience. Understanding the NCAA history, betting system, and player dynamics will enhance your chances of making informed, great bets.



FAQs – Naismith Award Betting

When is the Naismith Player of the Year awarded?

The award is typically announced at the end of the college basketball season.

What factors influence Naismith Player of the Year odds?

Player performance, team success, and individual achievements heavily impact the odds.

Can I bet on multiple players?

Yes, diversifying your bets across multiple players is a common strategy.

Are there live betting options for the Naismith Player of the Year?

Live betting options may be limited, given the award’s annual nature and end-of-season announcement.

How does the Naismith Player of the Year relate to March Madness odds?

While separate, the Naismith award often showcases players who excel during March Madness, influencing betting trends.


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