How to Bet on NFL Games?

How to bet on NFL games

How to Bet on NFL Games?


The NFL is a betting favorite not just in America, but also around the world. Football is the second most popular sport among bettors, right behind soccer. It’s easy to see why – after all, the NFL has the greatest sporting event of the year the Super Bowl.


With football season going from September all the way to February, NFL betting offers many other opportunities for you to win. In fact, you can bet on the NFL even during the off-season with future bets.


In this NFL betting guide, we will introduce you to the basics, including the betting markets, and how to bet on NFL games.



How to Bet on NFL Games

Whenever September draws close, football fans already feel it: the NFL is approaching. And that means one of the prime seasons for betting is also near. But what exactly makes betting in the NFL so special?


Popularity aside, football betting offers many opportunities to win big. There is a variety of betting markets available, from the common moneyline, spread, and future bets, to all sorts of proposition bets.


Do you want to bet on the MVP? Maybe you’ve got the perfect pick for the Super Bowl? Do you like the odds for an underdog in one specific game? Did you find the perfect prop? As you can see, NFL betting doesn’t lack options – and these examples aren’t even scratching the surface.


Another big draw of NFL betting is how dynamic the football season is. Although the NFL regular season is relatively short, with 18 weeks of action, things do change quite a lot. Between NFL injuries and the usual ups and downs, it’s not that unusual for favorites to drop and for underdogs to rise to the top. Keep up to date with the latest NFL news, so you don’t get caught off guard by unexpected developments.


Before the season properly kicks off, you will have the option to place future bets on the Super Bowl champion, division champions, and the regular season MVP. There are the preseason games as well, which feature second, third, and fourth-string NFL players who are still battling for a roster spot. It’s fair to say that NFL betting is on all year long.


Tips on How to Bet on NFL Games

Thinking about getting started with NFL betting? Here are some tips on what to consider to bet on NFL games.


It’s always a good idea to follow the offseason and preseason closely:

Free agency and the draft can shake things up significantly – and that’s especially true considering the number of blockbuster moves we’ve seen unfold over the last two years. The same goes for injuries during the regular season and the NFL playoffs. Football is a physical sport, and star players aren’t invulnerable.

Teams have different strengths and weaknesses:

Teams have different strengths and weaknesses, which can lead to some interesting matches from week to week. Sports sites allow you to track player and team stats and can be a huge help in predicting potentially good NFL matchups before they happen. This is very important to take into account for prop bets, as you will be able to find good and potentially hidden odds.

Garbage time can be your enemy or an ally:

In football lingo, garbage time refers to the last minutes of a blowout game. The winning side – and occasionally the losing side too – will rest the starters, subbing in the backup players. As a result, that usually produces some late-game scores that don’t have any actual impact on the game, but will still count toward point spreads and other bets. Don’t be afraid to cash out if you sense any threat coming from a potential garbage time.



    Learn About Point Spreads Betting Scores and Odds Guide.


    NFL Betting Examples

    Following their heartbreak at the end of the 2021 season, the reigning AFC East champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -in what could be Tom Brady’s last hurrah- come up next. Despite entering the season as the defending champions, the Los Angeles Rams are listed in fourth place.
    The team’s superstar quarterback Josh Allen is also leading the opening odds for the MVP award. Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes is second, followed by Brady and reigning double MVP Aaron Rodgers.
    Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year awards (OPOY and DPOY) are another option worth considering. Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, reigning Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, and San Francisco 49ers’ versatile wide receiver Deebo Samuel are the early favorites for the OPOY award. Reigning DPOY T.J. Watt and perennial favorite Aaron Donald lead the odds, followed by Myles Garrett.



    Pros vs Cons of NFL Betting

    🔷 Pros:


    🔹 Since NFL betting is extremely popular, you will find plenty of competitive odds and a good variety of betting markets. Bookmakers are counting the days to the opening kickoff as much as bettors and football fans.


    🔹 If you like football, NFL betting adds even more excitement to the games. You can even make a low-stakes game into a high-stakes one with a well-placed wager.


    🔶 Cons:


    🔸 As we mentioned earlier, the NFL is a very dynamic league, and things can change a lot from one week to another. A single injury can easily flip the odds on their head and even derail an entire season.


    🔸 Be careful with future bets as well. Picking the Super Bowl winner early in the year, for example, is probably one of the toughest bets in professional sports. Think carefully when placing your wagers before the opening kickoff.




    Football is the second most popular sport among bettors, and you can see why. If you are just getting started with NFL betting, then you will be hooked in no time. Football is a fascinating sport, and throwing in some bets only adds to the fun.


    Don’t forget to keep up with everything that goes on during the season. The NFL is a dynamic league, and football is also very intense. A lot can change in a week’s time. Stay on top of things so you don’t get caught out by some unexpected surprise.



    How to Bet on NFL Games -FAQs

    1. Where Can I Bet on the NFL?

    NFL betting is available in all major legal sportsbooks. If you live in the US, you can bet on NFL games as long as you are at least 21 and your state offers legal sports betting.

    2. Is NFL Betting Legal Online?

    Yes, NFL betting is legal online. You must meet the legal age requirement in order to bet on the NFL online. If you are in the US, then you will also have to check if your state also allows legal online betting.

    3. How Does NFL Betting Work?

    NFL betting has a variety of betting markets. After choosing the betting market, you need to select the odds you want to wager on and then place your bet. If the bet wins, then you will get paid according to the odds.

    4. What Does Plus and Minus Spread Mean in NFL Betting?

    A point spread bet establishes a handicap for each team, with the favorite carrying a negative handicap and the underdog a positive one. The favorite covers the spread as long as it wins the game by a margin large enough to make up for the negative handicap. For the underdog to cover the spread, it must either win the game outright or lose by a margin smaller than the handicap.

    5. Is the NFL Easy to Bet On?

    Sports can be unpredictable, and that’s part of the fun. It’s no different for the NFL. Some bets are easier to win than others, so it all comes down to the bettor’s choice. For newcomers, signing up for a betting account and placing is actually fairly easy.


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