Europa League Matchups

Europa League Final Recap & Score

Understanding Europa League Fixtures

The UEFA Europa League is a European football competition for clubs that are not part of the UEFA Champions League. The competition is played in a knockout format, with teams playing each other over two legs. The winner of each tie progresses to the next round, until the final is played.

The Europa League fixtures are determined by a draw. The draw is made before the start of the competition, and it is seeded so that teams from the same country cannot play each other in the first round.

Selection of UEFA Teams

Teams are selected for the UEFA Europa League based on their performance in their domestic leagues. The top teams in each soccer league qualify for the Europa League, along with the winners of the national cups.

Some countries also have a Europa League play-off, which is played between the teams that finish in fifth and sixth place in the league. The winner of the play-off also qualifies for the Europa League.

Teams who qualify for the UEFA Europa League Group Stage play six matches, home and away versus the other three UEFA teams in their group. In each of the eight groups, the top two teams in the standings progress to the knockout stage, along with the eight third-place teams from the Champions League Group Stage. With a bunch of high-level teams on display, there are plenty of excellent Europa League fixtures and matchups to bet on.

Before Betting on the UEFA Matchups

Soccer is different from many other sports in the sense that matches can and often end in draws. So, instead of just two options for moneyline betting, there are three. That said, the most common lines for soccer betting are point spreads, called goal-lines, match and team totals, and three-way moneylines.

When considering betting on the Europa League, be aware that many teams have a limited head-to-head history. It can be tough to know how teams from varying countries will match up versus one another but understanding their preferred style of play, quality of roster, and manager’s experience can be helpful.

There are typically a few blowouts in the Group Stage, but the gulf between teams gets smaller and smaller as the competition goes on. Europa League odds only consider the first 90 minutes even though extra time and penalties can be played in case of a knockout stage deadlock.

When soccer betting, consider play styles and matchup history as well as yellow and red card suspensions, injuries, and a team’s form in all competitions. If one team has a much better record against the goal line or team total, that could also potentially provide useful insight.

An important aspect of Europa League final betting is the fact that the match is always played at a neutral stadium.


The UEFA Europa League is a popular competition, and it is watched by millions of fans around the world. The competition is known for its excitement and its unpredictability.

The Europa League has produced some memorable moments in recent years, such as the 2012 final between Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, which Atlético won 3-0. The competition has also seen some famous comebacks, such as Eintracht Frankfurt’s 3-2 win over Barcelona in the 2022 final.

The Europa League is a great opportunity for clubs to win silverware and to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. It is also a great opportunity for fans to see some of the best players in the world compete against each other.

UEFA Europa League Matchups FAQs

How many teams compete in the UEFA Europa League?

There are 32 teams that compete in the UEFA Europa League.

How are the teams in the UEFA Europa League selected?

The teams in the UEFA Europa League are selected based on their performance in their domestic leagues. The top teams in each league qualify for the Europa League, along with the winners of the national cups.

When are the UEFA Europa League matches played?

UEFA Europa League matches are played on Thursday evenings.
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