Tennis Australian Open

Australian Open 2024: All You Need To Know

The 2024 Australian Open, the much-anticipated hard-court Grand Slam tennis tournament is set against the stunning backdrop of Melbourne, Australia.

Scheduled to kick off from January 14th to 28th at Melbourne Park, this year’s tournament promises to have a bevy of tennis-excellence representatives. With the legendary Novak Djokovic, rising star Carlos Alcaraz, and powerhouse Daniil Medvedev among the headliners, the stakes are higher than ever.

Discover when the action starts, who will be gracing the courts, and when the draws will be unveiled. Plus, don’t miss the complete schedule, from the qualifiers to the grand finale, for epic tennis betting action.

Australian Open Odds

The Australian Open is one of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and it’s the first played every year, so it’s our first look to see the world’s best tennis players.

Australian Open odds are available for most of the year in the men’s and women’s divisions and the action heats up in the Australian summer as the lead-up tournaments are played.

It sets the tone for the year and that’s why we love Australian Open betting odds.

There are many ways to bet on the Australian Open, including tournament winner and head-to-head betting options. The most popular option is tournament winner and reading the tennis odds is just like any other betting market.

The players are listed top to bottom in order of their odds. The favorites appear at the top of the page, such as Rafael Nadal. The outsiders are at the bottom of the page as they’re given less chance of winning.

Australian Open odds are easy to read and readily available. Be sure to stay updated and keep track for this year’ event. 

How To Bet on Australian Open?

There are many ways to profit when betting on the Australian Open. We favor tournament winner options as bettors can bet around their picks.

If you bet on a player paying +1000 to win, bettors can lock in a profit by hedging their bets. It’s a great way to turn a profit when you bet on tennis.

We also like singling out value players in the opening rounds. Experienced players often go overlooked against younger players in the first couple of rounds, so bettors find excellent value in the opening rounds.

Identifying value when looking at Australian Open odds is key to making money.

Top Australian Open Players (All-Time)

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