Bundesliga Player Stats


Understanding Bundesliga Player Stats

Some common German Bundesliga player stats include goals, assists and saves. An assist is only awarded to the player who touches the ball last before a goal is scored.

The leading scorer at the end of the season is the Kicker-Torjägerkanone, or Golden Boot winner. For Bundesliga Golden-Boot betting, penalty kicks are quite important and can tilt a race in a particular player’s favor. Hence, it’s helpful to know which players are habitual PK takers for their teams. Not dissimilar to an MVP award, the player who is voted the best in the Bundesliga for a given season is named the Player of the Season. 

The basic counting statistics are useful to know, but they’re not the only stats that are relevant for soccer betting. For goalkeepers, it’s helpful to look at clean sheets, save percentage, and other statistics like xG-xGA. Forwards are judged primarily on goals, but perhaps they also create a lot of chances and outperform their expected goals numbers. 

Prior to betting on the Bundesliga, it’s not only helpful to know the Bundesliga standings, but also the Bundesliga schedule, and the quite useful to know which players are suspended and/or injured. Point spreads will reflect player absences as certain key players can have a big impact on a game. 

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