Ligue 1 Matchups

Understanding Ligue 1 Matchups & Fixtures

In the French Ligue 1, teams play 38 games each with both home and away matches against every other club. As a result, 380 Ligue 1 matchups are available to be bet on each season. Check out the latest Ligue 1 matchup games, the Ligue 1 standings, plus the Ligue 1 schedule while you’re at it.

No different from other popular sports, the most popular lines for soccer betting are goal lines, which are like point spreads, totals and moneylines. Because matches can end in draws, there are three-way moneylines for each team and a draw.

When betting on Ligue 1, it’s helpful to know the home side is displayed first in the sportsbook and the road team is second. In addition to home-field advantage, it can also be important to look at yellow and red card suspensions, injuries, recent records and head-to-head history.

Ligue 1 head-to-head records are good to know but other aspects can also have potential predictive power. Looking at how often each team has covered the spread during the season, the head-to-head matchup, and the general O/U goal trend is very important.

If there’s been a Coupe de France matchup more recent than a Ligue 1 game, it could possibly be a good point of comparison. If there’s a good deal of offseason turnover for one or both teams, matchup history may not be as insightful as it would otherwise.

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