La Liga Matchups


Understanding La Liga Fixtures & Matchups

Running annually from August to May, teams in the Spanish La Liga have a 38-game schedule with both home and away matches vs each other team. With a number of iconic teams, there’s no shortage of excellent La Liga fixtures and matchups to bet on each season.

Point spreads in American sports have an equivalent in soccer, called the goal-line. The other most popular lines are totals – both team and game – and moneylines. Soccer moneylines are slightly different from those in other sports because matches sometimes finish in draws. So, three-way moneylines are offered instead of the standard two-way lines. 

While betting on La Liga, one must understand that the sportsbook lists the home team first and the road team after. There are a lot of factors that can impact soccer betting, including matchup history, injuries, home and away form, suspensions, etc. It’s useful to look at the head-to-head record of each team in a matchup because La Liga teams play each other a minimum of twice each season. 

Copa del Rey matchups can also be a good tool for betting, especially if there’s been one more recent than a La Liga fixtures and matchups. It’s perhaps wise to take recent history with a grain of salt because there’s typically a lot of turnover year-to-year. 

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