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    How to bet on MMA

    When MMA betting, there are a few things to know. First off, there are no point spreads. 

    Many times, it’s the big pay-per-view fights that see the highest amount of wagers and money being thrown around, although there are smaller events like UFC Fight Night that can be found and wagered on more frequently than the big events. 

    t’s important to do your research before betting on anything, especially MMA. The old saying is styles make games. That can be said for MMA as well.

     If you have one fighter that’s more of a brawler, he’s going to want to stay upright. Whereas, if you have a fighter that’s more of a wrestler, they’re going to do everything they can to get that fighter on the ground before they get hit with a big punch. 

    Another thing to monitor is if they’ve fought each other before, as UFC fighters sometimes end up fighting multiple times for a belt. 

    There are multiple ways to win a UFC fight. A fighter can win by knockout when the fighter goes down for a 10-second count, or a technical knockout, when the referee calls the fight based on how the fight is going. Another way is by submission. If the fight goes all of the scheduled rounds, one of the fighters will win by decision. The decision is the referees’ score cards added. 

    Common types of submissions:

    While there isn’t a point spread in UFC, you can bet the ‘total of rounds’. If it’s a fight with five rounds, and the total is set at 2½, the fight would have to go three rounds to cash the over. 

    Tips, Tricks And Advice For MMA Betting

    Do your research

    Do your homework and try not to go with a fighter just because he’s trendy. There’s been multiple instances in which a favorite, the bigger name, will lose to a little-known underdog. 

    Weight classes

    Also, be aware of weight classes. The men’s division of UFC has eight weight classes, while the women’s side has four. Some fighters even change weight classes, so you’ll want to be aware if it’s a fighter’s first time fighting in that weight class. 


    Mixed Martial Arts itself has been around for quite some time. It started to catch on around the 1990’s and took off upon the creation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Originally owned by Bob Meyrowitz, also owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, Meyrowitz sold the UFC to Lorenzo Fertitta, casino mogul and former commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 2001 for $2 million. 

    When Fetitta acquired the company, it is said that all they received was the name “UFC” and an old octagon, as the old owners sold all valuable assets to avoid bankruptcy. With Dana White as president, UFC took off, with big-name fighters such as Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva.  

    UFC was sold again in 2016, this time for $4.025 billion. 

    MMA Betting FAQS

    How to bet on MMA online?

    When betting MMA online, there’s a number of bets you can do. You can pick who will win the fight, as well as bet the total amount of rounds the fight will go. 

    Can I bet on MMA?

    If betting is legal in your region, yes. 

    How to bet mma prop bets?

    Prop betting MMA can be very useful. Say you have a fighter like Jon Jones, but he’s a -400 favorite. Not much value for the risk involved. But a prop bet would be the method in which Jones or the other fighter wins, likely at much better odds. You can also get specific with it and bet the method of victory as well as the exact round the fight will end.

    Is MMA Betting safe?

    As long as you know your limits and gamble responsibly, yes.
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