NCAAF Player Stats


NCAA Football Player Statistics

Overall college football player stats leaders are displayed on this page. This gives you a bird’s-eye view of leading players on both offense and defense; you can then sort previous seasons with the dropdown menu.

Read Player Stats

The college football player stats are straightforward and mainly take into account the leading categories on both sides of the ball. If there’s a need to be more specific, such as a Clemson player’s individual stats, check out their team profile.

Betting on a Player

As in the NFL, bet on NCAA players individually. Do it before the game using the props section of the online sportsbook, just as wagering on a team’s moneyline.

Player Odds, Explained

Bet on how many passing yards (over/under) a quarterback will have, or how many rushing yards a running back will gain, as examples.

Bet on players as “outright” odds, too. Who will win the Heisman or other post-season awards, again as examples. These types of wagers fall into the category of moneyline.  

What to Get Before You Bet

Just as with any type of sports betting, delve into the players and teams involved in the wager, Odds on these bets change throughout the season, so that’s something to monitor. 

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