MLS Odds

Getting into the MLS Odds

Betting on soccer is a worldwide phenomenon, and with leagues all over the globe, it is a year-round opportunity as well. Betting on Major League Soccer runs for nine months as the league begins in late February and goes through the playoffs into December.  

There are regular-season games nearly every weekend, with contests on Saturday and Sunday throughout the league. There will also be multiple weekday games during the season, and many times teams will play twice a week. 

Betting on MLS games and point spreads can be tricky if you aren’t prepared on how to approach the league. MLS betting odds games is different from most other sports because of the opportunity for the game to end in a draw.

How to read MLS Odds 

Soccer odds are not always the same as odds for other sports, as it’s not unusual to see both teams with plus odds on the moneyline. There is also a third option as games can end in a draw. If you are betting on a playoff game that is an elimination game with overtime or penalty kicks, your bet will end after 90 minutes unless otherwise specified. 

MLS betting odds will also have a two-way bet option that takes the draw out of the equation. This is called a Draw No Bet. If the game ends in a draw, the bet is void, and you get your money back. The odds will be different from the money line odds. 

There will also be a total goals option. Just like with baseball runs or points in basketball and football, you can bet the over or under on total goals. 

MLS Betting example

In an MLS game between host Seattle Sounders and visiting Columbus Crew might look like this on the money line:

Seattle Sounders +130 Draw +225 Columbus Crew +290

On the Draw No Bet: Seattle Sounders -110 Columbus Crew +205

Total Goals: 2.5 Over -125 Under -105

There will also be individual player bets that can be made, amd many sportsbooks offer props and parlays on MLS odds. 

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