Fighting betting is one of the oldest forms of sports gambling there is. It goes all the way back to ancient times as a form of entertainment and brass. Be sure to follow all the fighting betting news, odds and betting analysis for all the upcoming events.

Types of Fights & How to bet


There are multiple types of fights and fighting betting. One of which is boxing. Boxing is quite an old sport, especially compared to UFC and Bellator. For a while, from the 1940s through the 1990s, the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World was incredibly prestigious. That person was often a household name. Even people who didn’t directly watch boxing often knew who the Heavyweight Champion of the world was. Boxing, like other combat sports, is 100 percent one-on-one. You’ll have a favorite on the moneyline, and an underdog. The favorite will always have the minus sign (-) to indicate the favorite, while the underdog will have the plus sign. In addition to betting on who will win the fight, you can bet on the total number of rounds and whether the fight will go over or under that mark. Some fights will offer prop bets; allowing you to wager on whether the fight will end in a knockout or by decision in either fighter’s favor.


UFC and Bellator are nearly one and the same. UFC made its debut in 1993 while Bellator is often considered the unofficial minor league to UFC; made its debut in 2009. Bellator also features a Grand Prix, a tournament format; the UFC no longer has such fights. In UFC and Bellator, there’s more ways to win than just by way of knockout, as you can win by submission. A submission is when the fighter essentially taps out. It often occurs when on the ground and sometimes in a chokehold.

Tips Before Betting

1. Betting on a fighter

If you’re willing to put money on something, it might as well be something you’ve done your homework on. For example, you may know certain fighters by their name and their pedigree, but say they suffered an injury while training but are braving through it. The fighter may not be at 100 percent, and if you lost and found out after, you’d wish you had known before placing money on them. Another point to factor in is a fighter’s style. One fighter might want to keep the fight upright and win with their boxing. Some fighters want to use kickboxing tactics. Others will do everything they can to get their opponent on the ground and use their wrestling background to win. Certain styles are favorable versus others, so make sure you factor that in when making a wager rather than a fighter’s pure talent.

2. Find out if the fighters have fought before.

Some of the best fights in combat sports history are rematches of an original fight. Sometimes there will be more to go off. For example, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fought three times. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury have fought multiple times. You can use previous fights against that opponent to try and get an idea of which way to bet in the current given match.

3. What type of shape is the fighter in?

Not necessarily whether the fighter made weight, but is that fighter riding high in their prime? Or is the fighter on the downslope of their career, possibly coming off a loss or two. Big-name fighters tend to stick around for a while, even late in their career when their name might carry more weight than their current talent level.

4. Don’t bet what you don’t know

Don’t be one of those bettors that is betting a fight or an event just because it’s what’s on television. On the east coast, the UFC and boxing main events come on late at night, often after the main sports like football, basketball and baseball are over and have been known to compound their loss by trying to get back to what they lost betting UFC at the end of the night.
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