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La Liga is the top division in Spain, one of the top five leagues in Europe. The Spanish La Liga is one of the most wagered-on competitions in all of soccer. As with every other tournament in the sport, there are different markets on which to wager. 

One of the popular options is the goal-spread market. If you want to start with La Liga spreads, we’ve put together this guide to help you. Make sure you’ve checked La Liga standings and the La Liga schedule to fine-tune your picks. Keep reading to find out.

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La Liga Betting Explained

La Liga Betting Odds & Examples

In La Liga, the point spread market typically has similar odds for both the favorite and the underdog, with the difference being whether goals are being added to or taken from each side’s score. Most sportsbooks have La Liga odds around -110 for spread wagers, though the odds on each side can vary slightly depending on the amount of action on each side of the point spread market.

In general, teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid will be favored against the spread. Teams lower in the table will be designated as the underdog in most of their matches. But at times, situational factors like injuries and squad rotations can flip these numbers on their heads.

How to Bet on La Liga

Each La Liga match features a favorite and an underdog for spread betting on La Liga. Favorites have goals taken off of their score at the end of a match, while underdogs have goals added to their score when a match has concluded. Once that handicap has been applied on either side, the side with the higher score is deemed the winner in the spread betting market.

Bettors will notice that there is a correlation between the spread in a match and the moneyline pricing of that match. The bigger a favorite is against the spread, the heavier that favorite will be on the moneyline. Conversely, smaller spreads typically result in tighter moneyline pricing on both sides.

Similar to point-spread betting in any sport, La Liga spreads are a handicap betting option that sportsbooks set to “even” a particular game.

Different things are considered when setting the goal spread for a specific game:

Team’s Current Ability and Squad Strength.

What’s under consideration first is the team’s current ability and squad strength. When a team with better players goes against an average team, the handicap goes to the former. This means that, as the wagering favorite, goal subtraction takes place from their final score.

For instance, if Sevilla FC, a team in the top four, is set to face a team in the lower parts of the table, Sevilla will most likely get the negative spread. 

In this case, Sevilla needs to win by a certain number of goals in order to cover the spread. If not, a bet on Sevilla is a losing one.

In La Liga, note that most of the teams currently dominating have been doing so for years, so not much has changed in that regard. Teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla continue to fight for the most coveted soccer trophy in Spain.

However, the mid-table is where the actual fight lies. We’ve had many teams go back and forth between the top and lower half. Since this is neither stable nor cyclical, checking the table before wagering is crucial.

That way, you have an idea of which team is performing and which one is in declining form.

Although most times, when the spread is being set, sportsbooks look at the team’s overall superiority rather than their current forms.

For instance, Athletic Club Bilbao might be on a bad run in their last five games; meanwhile, a team such as Mallorca may be on a good run of form. Regardless, it is more likely that Bilbao will still be the favorite to win.

Tips, Tricks And Advice For La Liga

To start placing goal-spread bets like any other market, have some things in place and don’t make random bets every time. That reduces your wagering losses while securing the winners. 

Here are a few tips, tricks and advice for you to place better La Liga goal-spread bets.

Understanding La Liga

La Liga is one exciting league with a vibrant soccer history. Even though the same teams have been dominating for years, offsets happen, since top teams have their “Achilles heel” opponents with whom they struggle against. 

For instance, Barcelona has a history of scuffling against Real Sociedad, even though the former is almost always favored to win. Understanding these details can help you immensely.

Focus On Pairings

Pairings offer an understanding of whether or not a betting line is justified. Knowing how a team stands against the other side, or how individual players perform against their opposing numbers, is crucial to deciding if a spread is legitimate. 

Look at the La Liga stats for both teams, and how they’re faring at the time of the game. That’s a way to  determine the validity of the betting line, and to make better choices when wagering.

Give Trends Context

Betting trends are popular with goal-spread wagering, since bettors might be familiar with how a team performs against the spread in a random sample size. Thus, the main component of these trends is providing more context in deciding if there’s justification for betting against the spread. 

An example is Real Madrid being 5-0 against the spread at the Bernabeu during the season. However, the context is in understanding whether the five wins were against lower Spanish teams, or in significant matches such as the Madrid Derby or El Clasico. That way, you know if you can trust the trend.

Don’t Shy Away From Underdogs

In every goal-spread market, there’s an underdog who faces a difficult task, since the favorites are better positioned to win. 

Bettors shouldn’t be discouraged from betting on underdogs; however, if they feel there is a chance the ‘dog can win or cover the spread. Betting on underdogs is more lucrative, since they have better odds, especially in La Liga. So, if you think the underdogs have a chance, try them in your wagering.

Know When To Stop

Gambling offers excitement and thrills, although you can sometimes fall into bad periods where the losses just continue happening. When that occurs , take a step back to reevaluate your strategies and processes. 

You shouldn’t continue chasing losses, since it leads to losing more. Also, don’t be afraid to take the profits after you’ve had a good number of predictions that won.

La Liga History

La Liga is the top soccer league in Spain and has been since 1929. Since then, the league has been dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid for the most part, with those two clubs winning over half of the all-time La Liga titles since the league was formed. However, this league is full of talented clubs, with other contenders regularly emerging to challenge the top-two clubs for Spanish soccer supremacy.

La Liga consists of 20 teams, with each team playing a home game and an away game against the other members of the league. In all, each side plays 38 matches per season with the purpose of achieving the highest point total at the end of the year, in order to win the title. The bottom-three teams in points earned are relegated to La Liga 2, where they are tasked with earning promotion back to the top-flight.


La Liga is a more consistent league with a constant crop of teams at the top. However, these teams are usually also occupied with Champions League play, which leads to potential fatigue and squad rotation that could result in surprising results during the season. 

Understand the timing of the games to ensure you’re familiar with a teams’ current run of form. 

La Liga FAQS

Is La Liga Betting Legal?

Yes, it is legal to bet on La Liga in many states, although sports betting laws vary from one state to the next.

Where Can I Bet on La Liga?

Where La Liga betting is allowed depends on the sports betting laws of each individual state, as different states have different options available.

How Do I Make Money Betting on La Liga?

The key to profitable betting on La Liga is to evaluate each match on a case-by-case basis, as no two matchups are the same.

Which Team is the Best to Bet on in La Liga?

While there is no one team to bet on every time in La Liga, teams like Atletico Madrid and Sevilla typically have a lot of quality without all of the fanfare of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

What Does a Spread of 1.5 Mean in La Liga Betting?

A spread of 1.5 goals would mean that either the favorite in the match would have 1.5 goals taken from their score, or the underdog would have 1.5 goals added to their score.
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