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Starts: March 12th, 2023 at 23:59 EST

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How to Play:

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Access the Contest

Through the banner or menu

Fill Out the Registry Form With the Following Information

You will now have created your own user account.

It is important that you use your real information to be able to participate and claim any possible prize you may win; otherwise, you will not be eligible to redeem any type of prize in this Contest.

Once you create a user

You will then see on the Point Spreads’ page a message notifying you that you will be receiving an email with an activation link to click in order to finish creating your user account. Click the link when you open the email.

It’s important to confirm your user account

By clicking the aforementioned link for the account you created on Please, check to see if you received it. If you can’t see it, please check your spam folder. Once you find it, move it to your inbox. This is an important part of the requirements you need to participate in the Contest and to claim any possible prize you may win.

Access the bracket form through the “Fill my Bracket” button and start completing it

Details below

Point Scheme

We use a point scheme to award prizes based on how many points players earn, as shown in the chart. After each round, players can check their point total by logging into their account. Please note that points cannot be transferred between players or brackets

Game StagePoints
First Round1
Second Round2
Sweet 164
Elite Eight8
Final Four16
NCAA championship game32

How to Fill The Bracket?

More Information



  • Point Spreads (hereinafter known as “PS”) is holding a March Madness Contest (hereinafter known as the “Contest”) which will be held from Selection Sunday, March 12th, 23:59 PM EST to March 15th, 23:59 PM EST (“Contest Period”).
  • This Contest Period is when you have the chance to submit your entries or bracket forms (hereinafter called Bracket Forms). On March 16th, you will no longer be able to submit your bracket forms. The NCAA Championship Game will be held on April 3, which is when the Contest as such will end. On April 13th we let the fans know who was the lucky Winner.
  • In this Contest, participants are to provide a filled-in entry or Bracket Form stating which teams they believe will win for each of the four March Madness 2023 stages or brackets, for a chance at the prizes detailed further on.
  • Each participant will have access to 3 free Bracket Forms or Contest entries.
  • If a participant has submitted more than one entry or Bracket Form, all these entries participate individually for the prizes. Players must choose the corresponding winning teams for each of the stages for every entry or Bracket Form they wish to submit; they can also use a Randomizer Selection to fill in the Bracket Form automatically.
  • The big prize for this Contest (known hereinafter as “Grand Prize”) is won by accurately predicting the winning teams for all March Madness 2023 stages. PS will, in its sole discretion, pick one (1) participant for the Winner of this Grand Prize, provided the participant has followed all the rules and has abided by the Terms & Conditions. In the case of a tie, the Grand Prize winnings will be divided equally between the winning participants that have abided by the specified rules and regulations.
  • The player with the perfect bracket -which means he/she must have succeeded in correctly picking all the official results for all team wins in all the March Madness stages- will be awarded the highest prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS. There will be a Secondary Prize of an original Cap, Shirt and Basketball from your favorite team, which will be awarded to the player with the Second-Best Bracket (the one with the most correct picks). In case of any tie, the Winner will be the player who sent in their correct bracket form first.
  • If one or more games are suspended or canceled before the game is official, PS will terminate the contest altogether.
  • The amount won by the player(s) will be paid in installments in the manner detailed further below, in the Terms & Conditions for this Contest, within 48 hours after the completion of the last listed game.
  • Bracket Forms are regarded as final upon submitting. No cancellations are allowed after submitting; only Bracket Forms that haven’t already been submitted can be modified or have changes made. These changes will be permitted until March 16th, 2023 at 23:59 hours EST. After that, no submission of Bracket Forms or changes are allowed
  • PS reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion without previous notice.
  • NO entry fee is necessary.
  • This Contest and its prizes are void where prohibited.
  • Only one (1) $1,000,000 Grand Prize is awarded. If there are two or more Winners  of the Grand Prize, it will be divided between them.
  • To qualify for the Grand Prize, a participant must correctly pick the winning teams for all of the 63 games of the 2023 Men’s NCAA Basketball “March Madness” Tournament before the start of the tournament.
  • The Grand Prize will be paid out in 650 monthly installments, the first one consisting of $1,539, which will be paid within 30 working days after results are posted. Subsequent payment of the remaining  $1,539 installments will be carried out every month -in exactly one month’s time- until all installments are paid off in full.There will be NO advance payments for these installments
  • No cash value, substitution of prizes, or transfer of prizes to another person will be allowed. In case of death of the Winner, installments will not continue to be paid to any beneficiary/ies.
  • All entries become the property of PS and will not be returned. Contest scores will be updated daily after the completion of the last game.
  • Grand or Secondary Prize Winners will be notified by PS on Thursday, April 13th, 2023.
  • Rules are subject to change at any time prior to Contest opening. Please review the website always for complete details.
  • It is the responsibility of each member to ensure they have enough time to fill out their Bracket Forms. The Contest submission period will close on March 16th, 2023 at 23:59 hours EST; no late submission of Bracket Forms will be accepted. Point Spreads will assume no responsibility for any Bracket Form not entered in time, before the submission period ends.


The following points define the eligibility of the participants in the Contest:

  • Participants must be, as of the start of the Contest Period, U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, or holders of a valid employment pass for working in the U.S.
  • They must be 18 years old to enter.
  • The Contest is not open to residents outside the continental U.S.A
  • Participants cannot create many accounts to participate. Only one account is allowed per user
  • None of the PS parties directly involved in organizing, promoting or conducting the Contest can participate.


  • The Winner of the Contest will receive one million dollars (“Grand Prize”).
  • The Winner of the Secondary Prize will receive an original Shirt, Cap and Basketball of their favorite team. PS reserves the right to replace the Secondary Prize with items of similar value without prior notice.
  • To redeem the Grand or Secondary Prizes, the Winners are to follow the instructions, which will be communicated by PS.
  • PS makes no representation or warranty as to the Prizes. Any dispute about the Prizes must be resolved directly with PS. Any decision made by PS, at its sole discretion, regarding the prize will be final.


  • PS will notify the Winners on or before April 13th, 2023. 
  • By participating in this Contest, you agree to have PS use and post any of your Social Media usernames in notifications made to PS’ own Social Media and for any other purposes of this Contest.
  • If the Winner does not respond with the information as required by the indications set out by PS when notifying the Winner, the Winner shall be deemed to have forfeited all rights to the Grand Prize or to the Secondary Prize.
  • Winner is ineligible, disqualified, does not claim the Grand Prize, is uncontactable for any reason whatsoever, and/or deemed to have forfeited all rights to the Grand Prize, PS, at its sole discretion, may decide if a replacement Winner should be selected or not.


  • PS is not responsible for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any participant entering the Contest or as a result of entering the Contest or as a result of accepting any of the prizes.
  • servers, providers, computer or mobile telephone equipment, software or network failure including any damage to the participant’s computer or mobile telephone related to, or resulting from, participation or from downloading any materials for the purpose of the Contest. PS is also NOT responsible for technical failures, scrambled or misdirected transmissions, or for any other types of errors, whether they are human, mechanical, or electronic. 
  • All decisions on all matters relating to or in connection with this Contest, including the awarding of the Grand Prize or Secondary Prize, disqualification of any participant and/or any situation whatsoever, shall be final and binding, and solely pertaining to PS. Regarding any of these decisions, no correspondence, claims, appeals, nor challenges will be entertained by PS.
  • In the event there is an inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any marketing or promotional material relating to the March Madness Bracket Contest, these terms and conditions will prevail.
  • Persons tampering with, or abusing, any aspect of this Contest (as solely determined by PS) will be disqualified. 
  • If the Contest is compromised by viruses, bugs, unauthorized human intervention, or any other causes which corrupt or impair administration, fairness or security in a manner beyond the scope of control of PS, PS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the Contest. 
  • Should the Contest be terminated for any reason, prizes may or may not be awarded in any manner, which will be determined at the sole discretion of PS.
  • Each participant in this Contest, including, without limitation, each prize Winner, hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless Point Spreads, the website, and its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies along with its respective directors, officers, employees, and representatives from any and all liabilities for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind to any person -including death- and to any property, arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use and/or misuse of any and all Contest prizes, from participation in this Contest, and from participation in any activity regarding this Contest.
  • Any attempt to gain unauthorized access, general mischief, impersonation of another user, or misrepresentation of personal information may result in a user’s termination of privileges. In the event of any dispute, any decision made by PS is final. 
  • You are solely responsible for keeping your PS password and entry/Bracket Form  identifications secret and confidential; unauthorized use of these shall be your sole responsibility, not Point Spreads’ responsibility.
  • You agree not to allow any underage person or minor to view/participate in all or any part of this Contest, or in the site’s operations.
  • You accept full responsibility for your own actions.
  • You accept and agree that all computer instructions/responses sent over the Internet to and from PS in connection with the Contest will be binding.
  • Each time you post an entry or Bracket Form for the March Madness Bracket Contest, you confirm and accept the way PS Contest rules, terms, and conditions operate.
  • Documentation and proof of ID may be requested and required at any time for the payout of any of the prizes, upon management’s discretion. If fake or tampered documents are sent, PS reserves the right to revoke the prizes and/or payment.
  • Participation in the Contest constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


  • You consent to our collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal data in accordance with the purposes of this Contest and Terms & Conditions.


  • PS will not sell any data collected via its website from the participants of this Contest, whether these may be web-browsing preferences, transaction records, or personal, basic contact information.

About Taxes and Other Legal Liabilities

  • It is SOLELY the responsibility of the Winners to report any revenues or earnings to their competent local tax authorities. PS does not, and will not, have the responsibility of sharing any such information with any type of tax authorities or agencies, nor will assume any liability for any issues stemming from the improper filing of taxation documentation to the pertaining authorities.
  • It is the Winners’ exclusive duty to calculate and report their own tax forms and sheets, in accordance with their particular jurisdiction.

  • If you have any questions regarding the uses made of our participants’ personal information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email by writing to [email protected]

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