NHL Player Stats

NHL Player Statistics

NHL player stats here are divided into two tabs, specifically skaters and goaltenders. Use these to help with your betting, and to remain knowledgeable about scoring and/or goalie races. 

Reading Player Stats

These stats are straightforward, and you can look through other years to get a bird’s-eye view of how different (or similar) the statistical races have been in past seasons. Players who’ve consistently been in the top-five in scoring may have an edge on the betting lines.

Betting on a Player

Use these stats to aid in your betting, and not just for the moneyline or the spread betting odds, but also for the player props. Access these from the online sportsbook for every game. 

NHL Player Odds Explained

Same as betting on each game’s moneyline, but it’s betting on players. Find their odds from the sportsbook, for  either in-game props or “outright” as part of futures. Bet on how they will perform in a given game (number of goals/points, number of goalie saves,) or over the course of a season (Hart Trophy [MVP], as an example.)

What to Get Before You Bet

Looking into teams’ stats (Detroit Red Wings’ current run, for example) for any additional information could prove valuable for pre-game betting, so uncover some nuggets.


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