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NBA Scores & Matchups

NBA scores and matchups can be quite fickle, a feast-or-famine league where teams are either title contenders or loitering in the lottery. Thus, the odds can sometimes be topsy-turvy, so it’s best to always check out the statistics and betting history we offer you.  It’s a bit tricky to wager on NBA point spreads, regardless of a team’s overall record during the season. Some of the best teams against the spread (ATS) are teams under .500, while some of the ‘spread’ teams are those with a legitimate chance to win the title.  Additionally, unexpected results can wreak havoc on the moneyline. NBA favorites can lose sometimes, and blindly betting on every high-number favorite is a difficult path.    Understanding the part of the season is also important, as the results may play out much differently at the start or the end of the season.  For example, teams can elect to “rest” their best players or tinker with their usual rotation after they’ve clinched a berth in the playoffs. On the other hand, teams fighting for a post-season spot do not have that luxury. Plus, the pace, defense and style of play can change in the playoffs, after consecutive games against the same opponent, which forces players and coaches to adjust.

NBA Scores and Matchups FAQs

Why Do I Have to Keep Tabs on NBA Scores and Matchups?

These elements constitute a veritable snapshot of the status of the team at that moment, which is important to place a good bet. It takes into account everything that could swerve the results at any given moment.

Why Do I Need to Keep Up with NBA Scores and Matchups If I Don’t Know How to Gamble?

Whether you’re a rookie or a raging handicapper, watching the figures -even after you lost- teaches you where you went wrong and what you need to make smart NBA picks..
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