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Understanding the 2022 NBA Schedule

The NBA regular season usually starts toward the end of October and ends in April. The playoffs follow, concluding around June with the NBA Finals. However, the NBA has a year-long schedule and you can wager on the NBA throughout most of it. 

This includes the preseason, the NBA Summer League, the NBA Draft and other special events related to the world’s top professional basketball league. Look for NBA odds to be available from the sportsbooks.

Main Events for this Season 

The NBA is always growing as a sport and you can expect changes to occur almost every season. The most notable new change happened in the 2020-21 season: A Play-In tournament where four teams from each conference meet to decide the Nos. 7 and 8 seeds in the NBA playoffs.

Another event to look out for in the 2022 NBA schedule is the NBA All-Star Game. This usually takes place in February after more than half of the NBA season has been played. Almost every season, there is a change to the NBA All-Star Game or the NBA All-Star Weekend’s format. Like any regular season or playoff game, you can wager on the All-Star Game point spreads and moneylines

3 Tips Before Betting NBA

The NBA is constantly changing but remains one of the most carefully lined sports. With that said, there are plenty of upsets and unexpected results. Keep in mind these three things before wagering on NBA basketball games:

  1. Bet the odds, not the team. It’s easy to fall in love with the top teams and bet on them every game. But, look up the betting stats and records of the team first. How are they on the point spread? How do they do as a home team? Or as a favorite?
  2. Check the injury report. Injuries happen every day in the NBA. It is rare to find a team that is not dealing with any injuries. These can impact the game a lot as points will be taken off or added on the betting lines, depending on which players are absent.
  3. The most obvious tip but one of the hardest to follow is to not be swayed by your emotions. This includes betting for your favorite teams or against your most hated teams. Abstain from betting on games that involve these teams if possible.
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