NHL Standings


NHL Standings

We have an elaborate current NHL standings table here. Divided into four tabs are the preseason, division, league and NHL playoff standings. Bookmark to keep track of how all teams are doing, and how the playoff picture (particularly the wild-card race) is unfolding.  

NHL Standings, Explained

Listed in this table are the points each team has accumulated, along with their wins, losses, overtime losses (OTL) and games played thus far. Also, the teams’ home/away records, current streak, record over the last 10 games and goals for/against, too.

Conference standings are listed, and you can change the season with the dropdown menu. That way, each franchise’s record in recent seasons is also an option.

NHL Season, Explained 

The NHL operates an 82-game regular season, with the top eight teams in both the Eastern and Western Conferences advancing to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Making the playoffs are the top three teams from each division (each conference has two divisions). plus two wild-card teams, those with the most points outside of the top three in each division. 

The wild-card teams play the division champs, while the other four qualifiers play one another. Under this format, teams with long playoff histories (the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, for example) may continue a rivalry.

The conference playoffs are composed of three series, each a best-of-seven, leading to the Stanley Cup Final.

NHL Major (Non-Stanley Cup) Event of the Season 

The Stanley Cup Final is also a best-of-seven competition, played in early June. As with any event with a title on the line, it’s a highly-scrutinized affair, and with it are tighter spreads (puck lines) and moneylines. 

Marquee events throughout the NHL season are the All-Star Game and outdoor games (including the Winter and Heritage Classics). Held at rotating sites, including some non-traditional venues, these (plus preseason games) come complete with odds.

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