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NFL Scores

NFL Scores Today

2023-2024 NFL Season Scores

NFL Preaseson Week 1 Scores

DateMatchupFinal Score
Aug 10Texans vs Patriots20-9
Aug 10Vikings vs Seahawks13-24
Aug 11Packers vs Bengals36-19
Aug 11Falcons vs Dolphins19-3
Aug 11Steelers vs Buccaneers27-17
Aug 11Giants vs Lions16-21
Aug 11Commanders vs Browns17-15
Aug 11Broncos vs Cardinals17-18
Aug 12Colts vs Bills19-23
Aug 12Titans vs Bears17-23
Aug 12Jets vs Panthers27-0
Aug 12Jaguars vs Cowboys28-23
Aug 12Eagles vs Ravens19-20
Aug 12Chargers vs Rams34-17
Aug 13Chiefs vs Saints24-26
Aug 1349ers vs Raiders7-34

NFL Preaseson Week 2 Scores

DateMatchupFinal Score
Aug 17Browns vs Eagles18-18
Aug 18Panthers vs Giants19-21
Aug 18Bengals vs Falcons13-13
Aug 19Jaguars vs Lions25-7
Aug 19Dolphins vs Texans28-3
Aug 19Bills vs Steelers15-27
Aug 19Bears vs Colts17-24
Aug 19Buccaneers vs Jets13-6
Aug 19Patriots vs Packers21-17
Aug 19Titans vs Vikings24-16
Aug 19Chiefs vs Cardinals38-10
Aug 19Broncos vs 49ers20-21
Aug 19Raiders vs Rams34-19
Aug 19Cowboys vs Seahawks14-22
Aug 20Saints vs Chargers22-17
Aug 21Ravens vs Commanders28-29

Understanding NFL Scores & Games Results

Understanding NFL scores from games is not only a crucial part of watching the NFL, but it also plays a deciding factor in most NFL bets. An NFL game consists of four 15-minute quarters, with a half-time in the middle. Each team’s objective is to score more points than their opponents, allowing you to bet on how many points a team will score in many different ways.

NFL football scores today and results are a reflection of a team’s performance and can provide valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This aids in analyzing past game results to help teams and analysts make informed decisions regarding future football matchups.

In addition, understanding NFL scores and game results is essential for evaluating football players’ and coaches’ performance. Coaches use game data to assess their players’ strengths and weaknesses and make strategic decisions for future games. Similarly, analysts use game data to evaluate players and coaches’ performance and make informed predictions about their future performance.

Another reason understanding NFL scores and game results is essential is that it helps measure the NFL team’s standings and success. Winning games is the ultimate goal for every team, and their performance on the field is reflected in the scores and results. Understanding the scores and results of games is therefore critical in determining a team’s success and ranking in the league.

Scoring in Football

The NFL scoring system consists of four main scoring methods: 

The most significant method of scoring in the NFL is the touchdown, which awards six points. However, the number of points a team can score can vary depending on the circumstances of the play.

For example, a safety is worth two points or one point, depending on the circumstances of the play. Also, try attempts, which occur following a touchdown, are worth either one or two points. Understanding the value of each play is crucial in determining a team’s strategy in a game.

The game of football creates unique scoring lines because different multiples of points result in vastly different final scores. 

Other forms of obtaining points are the two-point conversion and extra point attempts, which also play a role in the scoring system. This makes for unique, key numbers to keep in mind when wagering.

Keeping in mind these key figures is a foot in the door when it comes to wagering on the outcomes of NFL games:

  • The combined score of forty-one points appears most frequently, occurring in approximately 3.82% of NFL matches.
  • The next most common score is 40 points, seen in about 3.75% of the games.
  • Following these, we find 51 points at 3.67%, 47 points at 3.45%, and 44 points at 3.37%.
  • From these statistics, it’s clear that the range of 40-41 points is of crucial importance, having a significant impact on line value in the past few seasons.

Understanding the rules and regulations of scoring in the NFL is crucial.

Monday Night Football Score

  • MNF Game Day: Monday Night Football typically features one NFL game every Monday night during the regular season.
  • Score Reporting: Scores for Monday Night Football games are usually provided in real-time as the game progresses. You can follow the MNF scores here at PointSpreads.com
  • Post-Game: After the game ends, detailed statistics, highlights, and a recap of the game are immediately available. Final scores, NFL player stats, and game summaries are reported extensively by sports media.

Sunday Night Football Score

  • SNF Game Day: Sunday Night Football also features one NFL game every Sunday night during the regular season.
  • SNF Score Reporting: Like Monday Night Football, scores for Sunday Night Football are provided in real-time as the game unfolds.
  • Post-Game: After the SNF game, a comprehensive post-game analysis is provided. This includes highlights, player interviews, and in-depth breakdowns of key plays. Final football scores and statistics are readily available.

Thursday Night Football Score

  • TNF Game Day: Thursday Night Football features one NFL game every Thursday night during the regular season. It is often used as a kickoff to the NFL weekend.
  • TNF Score Reporting: Just like the other two prime-time games, scores for Thursday Night Football are reported in real-time.
  • Post-Game: After the game, there are interesting events such as post-game analysis and coverage, including highlights and insights. Final scores and player statistics are promptly provided.

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NFL History Records

The team with the most wins in NFL history is the Chicago Bears, with a total of 778 wins at the end of the 2022 regular season.

Bears logoChicago Bears

The team with the best regular-season record in NFL history is the 2007 New England Patriots, who finished with a perfect 16-0 record. However, they lost in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, finishing the season with a 18-1 record.

Patriots logoNew England Patriots

The team with the most points scored in a single game is the Chicago Bears, who defeated the Washington Redskins (now Washington Commanders) 73-0 on December 8, 1940.

Bears logoChicago Bears

The team with the worst regular-season record in NFL history is the 2008 Detroit Lions, who finished with a 0-16 record.

Lions logoDetroit Lions

The highest-scoring game in NFL history occurred on November 27, 1966, when the Washington Redskins (now Washington Commanders) defeated the New York Giants 72-41.

Commanders logoWashington Commanders

The lowest-scoring game in NFL history occurred on November 7, 1929, when the Chicago Cardinals defeated the Providence Steam Roller 3-0.

The team with the most Super Bowl wins is the Pittsburgh Steelers, with a total of 6 championships as of Super Bowl LV in 2022.

Steelers logoPittsburgh Steelers

The highest-scoring matchup in Super Bowl of all times was the San Francisco 49ers vs San Diego Chargers matchup. It was the 29 Super Bowl (XXIX) held in 1995, and it took place on January 29, with a combined points of 75. 

                      Game: 49ers (49) vs Chargers (26)

NFL Scores & Odds Betting

NFL Results & Scoring FAQS

What is one way to use NFL Scores in betting?

One way is to be able to know a team has covered the spread. For instance, take the game’s final score and take away the negative number from the favorite. If they still have more points, this team has covered the spread

What type of bet fares well with NFL Scores?

Over/under betting is probably the type of bet that fares best using NFL scores, since American Football is known for scoring many points in a single game. In this type of bet, you don’t need to be specific about how many points will be scored altogether, but whether the total number of points scored will go above or below a certain limit.

How are NFL scores calculated?

In the NFL, scoring can be achieved through touchdowns, field goals, and extra points. Touchdowns are worth 6 points, while field goals are worth 3 points. After a touchdown, teams can choose to either kick an extra point for 1 point or attempt a two-point conversion for 2 points. A safety is worth 2 points.

Who has the most wins in NFL history?

The team with the most wins in NFL history is the Chicago Bears, with a total of 778 wins as of the end of the 2022 regular season.

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