NFL Scores

Understanding NFL games scores are a crucial part of watching the NFL but also plays a deciding factor in most NFL bets. An NFL game consists of four 15-minute quarters, with a half-time in the middle. Each team’s objective is to score more points than their opponents, allowing you to bet on how many points a team will score in many different ways.

How to Read NFL Scores?

The current NFL scores follow a different format than most sports. In the NFL, a team can only score in specific ways, with a touchdown equalling six points. After a touchdown, the team has an option to add one point, through an extra-point kick, or two points, with a two-point conversion. If they select one but fail to convert, they only add the six original points from the touchdown to the score.

Teams who come up short of scoring a touchdown can also score three points through a field goal attempt, while defenses can score two points on a safety, tackling an opposing player in their own endzone.

How to use NFL Scores for betting?

The most important reason to understand NFL scores is betting on a game’s total score. Only a certain number of scoring outcomes could happen due to the scoring system in the NFL. Teams are most likely to score points in sevens and threes, so keeping those numbers in mind when betting is very important.

Keeping track of NFL box scores is crucial in deciding on an upcoming bet or live betting. Betting on a game while it is happening, betting on the scoring with every four quarters can be a way to increase your winnings.

How to read betting types?


When betting on the NFL moneyline, the only important thing is who won the game and scored the most points. If a team is -200, they are the favorite. The other team is the underdog and could be +200. Placing a bet on either team means you believe one team will outscore the other and ultimately win the contest.


When betting on an NFL spread, understanding NFL scores is critical. A spread is the number of points that a team must win by. If a team is favored to win by six points, and you believe they will win by more, it makes sense to bet on that team. However, if you believe the other team will be able to win outright or lose by less than six points, you will want to bet on them.

The way NFL scoring works is important because typical margins of victories are three, six, seven,10, and 13. Most spreads will hover around these numbers, letting you know how much a sportsbook might think a team can win by.


Betting on an NFL game Over/Under is betting on the total points. Because of the way NFL scoring lays out, there are only specific totals a game typically ends in. If you think a game will be higher scoring than the total, you should bet the over. If you think it could be a defensive showdown, then you should bet the under. Weather can also play a factor. If one team’s quarterback plays better in warm weather or domes, and is forced to play in snow or rain, they might not put up as many points as usual. Always do the research on factors like that.

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