NHL Injuries


NHL Injuries

With how physical the NHL can be and how long the season is, injuries are perpetual. Keep this page bookmarked to stay up to date with the latest NHL injury report by team as they are all displayed here.

How to Read NHL Injuries 

You will want to pay attention to the “status” and “notes” as part of this table. Injuries aren’t all the same and some players may still play despite being on the injury report. The NHL is a bit different in that most injuries are either listed as “upper body” or “lower body.” That makes it harder to predict when injured players will return. 

How does an Injury Impact my Betting? 

Of course, injuries will impact any team you decide to bet on. Check on Toronto’s team injury reports before taking them on the moneyline, for instance. Losing their leading goal scorer or No. 1 goaltender can drop teams to a lower betting price. 

Alternatively, the point spreads or puckline in hockey betting should be adjusted depending upon the team’s injuries. There are points in a season when an NHL team will have several players on the injury list. That’s just the nature of the long and grueling hockey season

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