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Although they are just exhibition games, the 2022 NFL Preseason Odds remain a popular part of the NFL. Hence, find NFL preseason odds widely available at top online sportsbooks. These betting odds are similar to regular season or playoff odds. The NFL preseason point spread is available with the moneyline (ML), total, and even some props.

Jacksonville Jaguars


Las Vegas Raiders
  • Week 1. UPCOMING GAME: Jaguars vs Raiders
  • Date: Thursday, Aug. 4. 8PM ET
  • City: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH. 
  • Coverage: NBC

2022 NFL Preseason Schedule



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NFL Preseason Odds

However, the NFL preseason can be difficult to bet on for multiple reasons. Teams typically play their backup players in an attempt to avoid NFL injuries to their starters. Contending teams’ coaches have even said they avoid playing their star football players to preserve their health.

Some coaches have flourished in the preseason. Ravens’ coach John Harbaugh has won over 75 percent of his preseason games. On the flip side, Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid has won fewer than half of them thanks to strictly limiting his starters’ playing times.

How to Read NFL Preseason Odds

The 2022 NFL Preseason Odds are usually displayed in an American format. These manifest as either a negative number or a positive number. The negative number indicates how much you need to wager to win $100. An odd listed at -200 means you need to wager $200 to win $100. The positive number shows how much you win on a $100 wager. If it is shown at +160, you win $160 for every $100 you wager.

The negative number typically indicates the favorite or a pick’em line (the betting equivalent of a 50/50). It is standard for a point spread, where teams must “cover” a point handicap to cash the bet. We’ll cover how the point spread works below:

NFL Preseason Betting Example

Here is a preseason game between the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers. These are how their betting markets show on the point spread:

Last Season Odds

Buffalo Bills-3½  -115
Carolina Panthers+3½  -105

In this example, the Bills are favored to win by 3½ points. They will have 3½ deducted from their final score. Carolina, the underdogs, will get 3½ added to their score. The game is played and Buffalo has won 24-22. The winning bet here is on the Panthers.

Carolina’s final score of 22 will receive 3½ points thus pushing it to 25½. This new score beats Buffalo’s 24 points. A $105 bet on the Panthers’ spread would have returned $100 per the -105 line. On the flip side, Buffalo’s 24 points lose 3½ for a score of 20½. This loses to Carolina’s 22 points. The Panthers “covered their spread”.

Ranking NFL’s Top 5 Teams To Win Preseason

Betting on the preseason can be a crapshoot. Before checking out the NFL preseason odds, look at which NFL coaches do the best during the preseason. As of the 2022 preseason, the following coaches/teams are worth considering:

Baltimore Ravens

40-12 on the ML with John Harbaugh

Seattle Seahwaks

26-7 on the ML with Pete Carroll

New England Patriots

49-36 on the ML with Bill Belichick

Pittsburgh Steelers

34-24 on the ML with Mike Tomlin

Buffalo Bills

10-5 on the ML with Sean McDermott

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