MLB Player Stats


MLB Player Stats

Bookmark this page to get a quick look at which MLB player stats are performing well in the season. Leaders of the major categories, such as batting average, home runs, runs batted in wins, and earned run average (ERA) are good places to start. 

Reading Player Stats

Take these MLB player stats with a grain of salt. While they identify the top players in the league, they only tell half the story. Use these to aid in your betting, but dig deeper into the stats to figure out how they impact games in the future.

Betting on a Player

Use these stats to aid in your betting, and not just on moneyline or spread odds, but with player props, too. Access these from the online sportsbook for each game. 

  • Player Odds Explained

Odds will find range in two main categories, as in props we mentioned and outright props. The former are in-game props, betting on a player to achieve something (e.g. Will Aaron Judge hit a home run, or how many strikeouts for Max Scherzer?) 

The latter deals with long-term results, such as who wins the AL MVP, or the Cy Young Award winner in the NL.  

  • What to Get Before You Bet

Research any game before you bet, keeping in mind several factors, including the starting pitchers, injuries, weather, etc.

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