MLB World Series

Stay updated with the 2022 World Series odds through this page. World Series lines open as soon as the previous season ends, meaning they will keep changing as the year goes. Big trades, signings, and injuries will all impact the World Series odds, along with any winning streaks or losing streaks.

Getting into the World Series Odds

How to Read the World Series Odds

World Series odds are usually displayed in an “American” format: a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign to indicate an underdog and a favorite, respectively. The plus number, e.g. +125, indicates how much you win ($125) on a $100 wager, while the minus number e.g. -160 shows how much you need to wager ($160) to win $100. 

Alternatively, you can use “decimal” odds or “fractional” odds. A +125 moneyline is 2.25 as a decimal. Multiply your wager by this number to get your total winnings: $325 ($100 + $225) and 5/4 as a fraction: $500 from a $400 wager or $125 from $100.

MLB Betting Examples

To bet on the outrights, simply bet on the team you think will win the World Series. The prices/odds for the teams change as the season progresses, kind of like a stock in the stock market. Factors like winning or losing streaks, injuries, and their current standing, all impact their betting odds. 

For example, the San Francisco Giants open as +1000 to win the World Series during the preseason. Then just before the season, they add a few star players and get better. Their line shortens to +800. During the season, they lose several key players to injuries and their odds lengthen to +1200. 

It is worth betting on more than one team to win the World Series in the outrights as you can only imagine how hard it is to correctly predict it! 

World Series Betting Example

San Francisco Giants+1000

Teams History

With over a hundred-year history, there have been plenty of World Series in the MLB. Of course, not every franchise is equal. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series, while some have yet to win one. As of 2022, six active MLB franchises have yet to win a World Series. Of these six, only the Seattle Mariners have not reached the World Series.

Some franchises have reached the World Series more than others. Since 1903, the Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers (formerly from Brooklyn) have had the most head-to-head World Series matchups. The Yankees and San Francisco Giants (formerly New York) are the second-most frequent. 

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