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The Canadian Football League or “CFL” is the highest level of Canadian football played at the professional level. CFL betting is available throughout the season, which runs from June to November. As of 2022, there are nine CFL teams divided into two divisions. They play 18 regular season games over 21 weeks, with the top six teams playing for the Grey Cup, the second-oldest trophy in North American pro sports.

CFL Odds

How to Bet on CFL

CFL betting can be done from any top online sportsbook. Sometimes, it shares a similar tab as the NFL under ‘football’. Canadian Football League odds have many markets. The Grey Cup odds market, which is where you bet on the CFL’s champ, tends to be available almost for the whole year.

Other than the outright market, CFL betting is done via the pre-game odds, which include the point spread, moneyline, totals, and props. The first three should be available before each game, while props -although rare- are typical during big games like the Grey Cup. First quarter markets are also available.

CFL Scoring

Like the NFL, the CFL has its own stats. These will come in handy with Canadian Football League betting. The CFL has different rules than the NFL, but points are still scored the same way {via a touchdown for six points, a field goal for three points, and an extra point attempt following a touchdown is also one point}. Unique to the CFL is a “rouge”, which is a single point awarded if the kicker sends the ball out of the endzone.

CFL Betting With Scoring

While the CFL is almost like the NFL, there are many different rules here that will impact how teams score. As such, games typically are higher-scoring, which can mean higher totals (over/under) on the betting lines. The presence of the rouge can also wreak havoc on the point spread, so expect more variances than in the NFL.

Tips, Tricks & Advice for CFL Betting

Betting on the CFL, like most pro sports, requires dedication and resourcefulness. Doing research is a given but also learning the nuances of the sport. The CFL is almost like the NFL but it has many differences in rules and how the game is played. Nonetheless, as both a fan and a bettor, learning the sport can be best done by watching it and being aware of the roster moves.

CFL Betting FAQs

What Are CFL Sports Betting Lines?

CFL sports betting lines are pre-game odds such as point spreads and moneyline odds. They can be found before the game each week. Alternatively, the CFL has outright markets, which is where you can bet on which team will win the Grey Cup in advance.

Is CFL Betting the Same as NFL Betting?

As far as betting is concerned, the CFL is just like NFL betting. You bet on which team wins straight-up via the moneyline, or bet on which team covers the spread via the point spread. Instead of a Super Bowl, the CFL has the Grey Cup. Via the outright market, you can bet on which team wins.

Where Can I Bet on CFL?

You can bet on the CFL from the best online sportsbooks. Find it under the ‘football’ section of the sportsbook.

What Are the Best CFL Bets?

There is no such thing as a “best CFL bet,” although you are welcome to read any expert opinions on the matter. The best CFL bet for you might be something you find that the rest of the market is slow to react to, such as injury news.

Do People Really Bet on the CFL?

Yes. The CFL has a dedicated fanbase, many of whom place bets on it. NFL fans will also tune in to and bet on the CFL on occasion.
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