EPL Schedules

The English Premier League is the top-tier soccer league in the United Kingdom. The Premier League features each team playing a 38-game schedule in a season that typically runs from August to May. Those looking to bet on the English Premier League should be aware that teams usually play once weekly on Saturdays or Sundays, although there are weekday matches in EPL and other competitions. Check the updated EPL soccer schedule here for this current season. 



Understanding the English Premier League Schedule

Each team in the English Premier League plays each other twice, following a double round-robin format. Point spreads are typically released one week before a match is due to be played. The holiday season is incredibly busy in the EPL and teams can play up to four matches in 12 days from the weekend before Christmas to the weekend following New Year’s. 

Boxing Day (Dec. 26) is a huge day for fixtures. The English Premier League takes multiple one-week hiatuses throughout the season for FIFA-sanctioned international breaks and a two-week winter break from late January to early February. 

Aside from separate European competitions, like the UEFA Champions League and Europa League as well as domestic cup competitions, there are no playoffs or championship games. So, the team at the top of the standings – called the table – is crowned league champion at the end of the season. 

European soccer schedules differ from those in other sports in the sense that they’re more dynamic and subject to change. For instance, if a team playing in a Thursday Europa League fixture has an English Premier League match scheduled for a Saturday, the latter will most often be rescheduled for a Sunday. The same goes for teams playing in domestic cup competitions.  Weekend FA Cup matches will often cause a team’s EPL matches to be rescheduled for weekdays.

Teams that make deep runs in European competitions or the FA Cup can play up to 20-30 more matches per season than those who don’t qualify or get knocked out early, making squad rotation common. English Premier League odds will usually reflect recent form and matchup history, whether a team is playing at home or on the road, the number of rest days a team has, and any suspensions or injuries a team is carrying into a match. Be sure to stay updated with the EPL Soccer schedule. 

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