NHL Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are none other than the NHL playoffs; they take place starting around May and end with the Stanley Cup Finals in June. Stanley Cup Playoffs odds are available in many markets that open as soon as the previous season ends. The most popular market is the outright Stanley Cup Champion, where bettors can bet on the next champions. 

This page keeps track of the many line movements to these outright odds, as the year progresses.

Rot Odds to win 2023 Stanley Cup Moneyline
2001 Colorado Avalanche     +500
2002 Boston Bruins     +550
2003 Vegas Golden Knights     +1000
2004 Carolina Hurricanes     +1200
2005 Tampa Bay Lightning     +1400
2006 Toronto Maple Leafs     +1400
2007 Florida Panthers     +1400
2008 New Jersey Devils     +1400
2009 Calgary Flames     +1600
2010 Edmonton Oilers     +2000
2011 New York Rangers     +2000
2012 Pittsburgh Penguins     +2500
2013 Minnesota Wild     +2800
2014 Dallas Stars     +2800
2015 Los Angeles Kings     +3300
2016 New York Islanders     +4000
2017 Winnipeg Jets     +4000
2018 St. Louis Blues     +5000
2019 Seattle Kraken     +6000
2020 Washington Capitals     +7000
2021 Detroit Red Wings     +8000
2022 Nashville Predators     +8000
2023 Buffalo Sabres     +10000
2024 Vancouver Canucks     +15000
2025 Ottawa Senators     +15000
2026 Montreal Canadiens     +20000
2027 Philadelphia Flyers     +20000
2028 Columbus Blue Jackets     +20000
2029 Anaheim Ducks     +25000
2030 Chicago Blackhawks     +25000
2031 San Jose Sharks     +25000
2032 Arizona Coyotes     +50000
All wagers have action. 2023 Stanley Cup Winner.

Getting into the Stanley Cup Playoffs Odds

Many say the Stanley Cup is the “hardest trophy to win in pro sports”. Given the rough and sometimes arbitrary nature of NHL hockey, there might be some truth to this. Thus, a winning bet on the Stanley Cup Playoffs could feel like hitting the lottery. 

The postseason starts around the spring but Stanley Cup Playoffs odds are available for most of the year. You can wager on the next Stanley Cup champion as early as the next day after a team wins it. Do this through “Futures” bets on the sportsbook.

How to Read Stanley Cup Playoff Odds 

The odds display as either a negative number like -300 or a plus number like +200. The former is a favorite implying a higher probability of winning, and the latter is the underdog, indicating a lower chance of winning. The lower the number, the higher the chance of winning.

These odds are “American odds”. A negative number indicates how much you have to wager to win $100, so for -300, a wager of $300 is needed. On the other hand, the plus number shows your exact payout when you wager $100; this means that for +200, you win $200 for betting $100. 

Alternatively, you can switch the format to decimal and fractional.

Teams History 

Like most championships in professional team sports, the Stanley Cup has been won only by select franchises. As the oldest existing trophy to be awarded in pro sports, there have been hundreds of teams which have lifted the championship trophy. 

Canadian teams have won the most, with the Montreal Canadiens winning 24 followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13. The Detroit Red Wings are third with 11, the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks are next with six each, and at five we have the Pittsburgh Penguins and Edmonton Oilers.

As of 2022, 12 NHL teams have yet to win, with five yet to make the Stanley Cup Finals.

Betting Example

Betting on the Stanley Cup Playoffs can be done with outrights or futures. You can bet any team to win the Cup provided they still have odds on the board. Like the stock market, their prices will either shorten or lengthen, depending on how they are performing. 

Not only can you bet on a team to win the Stanley Cup, but you can also bet on teams to either make or not make the playoffs. 

Once the Stanley Cup is underway, other markets you can look at are the series prices: who wins a series, how many games it will go to, etc. Of course, you can bet on the individual games, from the puck line (point spreads) to the moneyline, to the totals. 

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