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NFL Draft 2024

Following is the 2024 NFL Draft first round order. Scheduled to kick off on Thursday, April 25th in Detroit, this year’s draft promises to be superb, with the second and third rounds following on Friday, April 26th, and rounds four through seven concluding on Saturday, April 27th.

The draft order is determined by a series of procedures designed to ensure fairness and balance:

  • The Super Bowl winner selects last, while the loser picks next-to-last in every round, regardless of regular season record.
  • Conference Championship game losers choose 29th and 30th, based on reverse order of their standing.
  • Divisional Playoff game losers pick 25th through 28th, following reverse order of their standing.
  • Wild Card game losers are assigned 19th through 24th, according to reverse order of their standing.
  • Teams not making the playoffs occupy the first through 18th positions, based on reverse order of their standing.

2024 NFL Draft First Round Order

1.Carolina Panthers
2.Washington Commanders
3.New England Patriots
4.Arizona Cardinals
5.Los Angeles Chargers
6.New York Giants
7.Tennessee Titans
8.Atlanta Falcons
9.Chicago Bears
10.New York Jets
11.Minnesota Vikings
12.Denver Broncos *
13.Las Vegas Raiders *
14.New Orleans Saints
15.Indianapolis Colts
16.Seattle Seahawks
17.Jacksonville Jaguars
18.Cincinnati Bengals
19.Los Angeles Rams
20.Pittsburgh Steelers
21.Miami Dolphins
22.Philadelphia Eagles
23.Cleveland Browns
24.Dallas Cowboys
25.Green Bay Packers
26.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27.Houston Texans
28.Buffalo Bills
29.Detroit Lions
30.Baltimore Ravens
31.San Francisco 49ers
32.Kansas City Chiefs

*Denver has priority over Las Vegas in the draft order due to winning their divisional head-to-head matchup.

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NFL Players Draft Odds: Eyeing the Top Picks

As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, potential top picks are reaching fever pitch, especially with Caleb Williams leading the pack as front-runner for the number one spot.
This sets the stage to get in on the action through NFL draft prediction betting, turning expert picks, NFL standings and predictions into potential windfalls.

Front-Runners and Dark Horses

  • Caleb Williams’ Commanding Lead: With odds heavily in his favor, Williams is almost universally expected to be the first name called, potentially by the Chicago Bears, despite the presence of Justin Fields.
  • Drake Maye and the Chase for No. 2: While Williams steals the spotlight, Drake Maye isn’t far behind, challenging for the second pick with his impressive skill set.
  • Surprise Contenders: Marvin Harrison Jr. and Jayden Daniels emerge as possible surprises in the draft narrative. Harrison, with his eye-catching potential, and Daniels, known for his athleticism, could upset predictions.
  • J.J. McCarthy‘s Rise: McCarthy’s ascending draft stock adds more speculation. His recent surge places him in the first-round conversation, although toppling the leading trio seems a stretch.

Quarterback Betting

The quarterback race closely mirrors overall draft predictions, with Williams, Maye, and Daniels dominating the discussion. Betting on the first QB picked offers a similar outlook to the overall first pick, with slight adjustments in odds.

Non-QB Gems

  • Marvin Harrison Jr. as Top Non-QB Pick: Should the draft unfold as expected, Harrison Jr. stands out as a prime candidate to be the first non-quarterback selected, offering a game-changing target for Kyler Murray in Arizona.
  • The Lineman and the Pass Rusher: Joe Alt and Laiatu Latu represent the less glamorous but critically important side of the draft, with their potential impact on the offensive line and pass rush not to be underestimated.

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Understanding the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is an annual event where NFL teams select eligible college football players to join their teams. This is one of the biggest football events to bet on during the spring, and this means NFL draft odds also become a big thing when betting.

It consists of seven rounds, and the order of selection is determined by the teams’ performance in the previous NFL season, with the worst-performing team picking first and the Super Bowl champion picking last. Teams can also trade their draft picks to move up or down in the draft order.

NFL teams select a football player, usually from college football, to sign to their team.

This annual event started in 1936 when there were still no scouting teams and names were put on a blackboard. It wasn’t until 1946 when teams began using scouts to better draft players. Now, there are so many resources dedicated to NFL Drafts and NFL draft odds that teams have entire departments focused on this aspect alone.

Selection of Football Players

To be eligible for the NFL Draft, players must be at least three years removed from high school graduation.
Usually, players declare their intention to enter the draft after completing their college eligibility, but underclassmen who have completed three years of college can also declare early.
Players from other football leagues or international players can also be eligible if they meet specific criteria.

NFL Teams Strategies

NFL teams employ various strategies during the draft to address their specific needs. Some common strategies include "Best Player Available," where teams select the highest-rated player on their draft board regardless of position.
"Needs-Based Drafting", where teams prioritize positions where they lack depth or talent. Additionally, teams may trade draft picks to move up and target a specific player they covet or trade down to accumulate more picks and add depth to their roster.

Getting Into the NFL Draft Odds

With each passing year, NFL Draft odds become increasingly available. You can find them on the sportsbook and bet on such things as the first overall pick, what draft position a player will be selected in, and what position will be selected by a team.
2023 NFL Draft Odds
Total SEC players in the 1st roundOver 11½ SEC Players: +160 Under 11½ SEC Players: -230
Total ACC players in the 1st roundOver 3½ ACC Players: -130 Under 3½ ACC Players: -110
Total BIG 10 players in the 1st roundOver 8½ Big 10 Players: -115 Under 8½ Big 10 Players: -115
Total BIG 12 players in the 1st roundOver 3½ Big 12 Players: -250 Under 3½ Big 12 Players: +195

How To Read NFL Draft Odds

American odds are the most popular format for NFL Draft predictions. You will notice a “plus” sign or a “minus” sign before every entry. This indicates how much you win for every $100 you bet and how much you have to bet to win $100, respectively.

Plus numbers like +150 indicate a probability lower than 50 percent while minus numbers indicate one that is greater than 50 percent. Which means that the less likely event to happen, the greater your payout will be, and vice versa.

You can also convert the American odds to decimal odds or fractional odds.

Types of NFL Draft Odds

Draft Betting Examples

There are a slew of options for betting on the NFL draft odds. One of the most popular types is betting on the over/under (total) of the 1st Round. Point spreads are rare in NFL Draft betting, but you can bet on how many players from a position will get selected.

As an example, let’s say the over/under for the quarterbacks selected in the 1st round is 3½. If you bet on the under, three or fewer quarterbacks will need to be selected to cash your bet. But if you bet the over, four or more will need to get drafted to get your money. 

The moneyline on the under 3½ is -150, which means you will need to stake $150 to win $100. On the flipside, the over 3½ is at +120 so a wager of $100 will return $120. 

NFL Draft FAQs

What are the NFL draft odds?

The NFL Draft is a three-day event, with seven rounds holding 32 picks per round. This means overall selections go up to 256, which leaves a lot of options for betting. Betting with the NFL Draft odds is very popular; the first round is on opening night and more rounds take place on the following two days.

Is wagering on NFL Draft Odds similar to regular betting on Pro Football?

Wagering on NFL draft odds is an offseason event, and this alone makes it unlike any any other pro football betting action done in the season. Different approach and sets of skills make it a whole different type of event, with many betting option markets to choose from. Markets can include picking the exact order, the number of linebackers chosen in the first round, etc.

Can players decline to be drafted and choose their team?

No, players cannot choose their team in the NFL Draft. Once a player declares for the draft and is eligible, they enter the pool of available prospects. NFL teams, based on their draft order, have the exclusive right to select players during the draft. However, players can express their preferences or intentions to teams, but ultimately, the decision lies with the teams on whom they draft.

How long do NFL teams have to make their draft picks?

Each team is allotted a specific amount of time to make their draft selection in each round. In recent years, teams have had 10 minutes to make their pick in the first round, 7 minutes in the second round, and 5 minutes in all subsequent rounds. However, teams can request additional time if they are in the process of making a trade.

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