NFL Injuries




NFL Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are an unavoidable part of professional sports and impact games. This is why bettors need to keep track of NFL injury reports, so bookmark this page as it gives a quick snapshot of all the recent NFL injuries by team. 

How to Read NFL Injuries 

There are always injuries to report for the NFL. This is a grueling sport, after all. But not all teams’ injuries are the same. Not all players listed on the injury report will miss the game. Fortunately, our table lists the type of NFL injuries by position, the latest status, and notes so you can see for yourself if you should be concerned about the NFL injuries by team.

How Does an Injury Impact my Betting? 

Injuries impact NFL betting quite significantly. If a team is missing several players, it can be harder to bet on them since they will not be close to their full potential. The moneyline and point spreads should also be adjusted depending on which players are injured and the overall number of injuries per team. 

Of course, some players are more important than others. If a star quarterback like Patrick Mahomes is injured, you can expect his team to be impacted greatly. 

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