NFL Player Stats

NFL Player Statistics

The player statistics table is a comprehensive list of all the major stats that matter. Much of the focus is on quarterbacks and offensive players, but defensive players also have stats. Be sure to check the updated NFL player stats.

Reading Player Stats

Look in a glossary for all the NFL player stats today, but many are quite basic. The dropdown menu helps choose which seasons are available to view. Find some trends to assist in the betting.

Betting on a Player

Betting on NFL games isn’t limited to moneyline or point-spread betting odds. Bet on players using their stats. Referred to as “player props,” it’s available in sportsbooks’ props section.

Alternatively, there are “outrights” (MVP, passing/rushing/touchdown leaders, as examples).

Player Odds, Explained

There are two types of odds, totals and moneylines. Betting on NFL players’ outrights will have moneyline odds, and is a bit trickier to hit. However, the totals are an “over/under” of a player’s stats and are a 50/50 scenario.

What to Get Before You Bet

Seek out all information, including injuries, coaching changes and media bias (however you wish to define that). They’re just three factors to consider when looking at an NFL player’s odds, but always stay focused on stats. Backing the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen to win MVP (hypothetically) would require looking closely at the entire team’s stats, as well as its roster.

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