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Currently, there is no NFL player stats. The anticipated kickoff for the 2024-2025 NFL season is slated for September 5th, 2024.


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Zach Wilson

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2024 NFL QB Rankings

We start the final week of the 2023/24 NFL regular season with one name: Lamar Jackson. The Ravens superstar has all but locked up the NFL MVP award. As the top NFL quarterback of the season, Jackson is a runaway favorite to win. Thanks to a solid finish to the season, he’s now on the path to the Hall of Fame. And rounding out these rankings, we look at where the runner-ups all finished.

Jackson is the best QB in the NFL this season. And he earned this spot by staying healthy, something over a third of the starters could not do. Several of the top quarterbacks, from Joe Burrow to Justin Herbert, fell out of the rankings due to season-ending injuries. As such, if you’re just reading our NFL QB rankings now, many of the names here may just surprise you.

The Frustrated Five: Having Rough Seasons To Say the Least

Bryce Young QB 150

29. Bryce Young (29)

QBR: 33.4 (30th)

If we did not know better, we’d say that Panthers owner David Tepper threw that drink at a fan so he could redirect the negativity toward him and not his team’s 26-0 loss against Jacksonville.  

28. Zach Wilson (28)

QBR: 30.2 (31st)

Wilson finishes the year as he started: on the sidelines. The question now is where the former second-overall pick goes as his turbulent time with the Jets is coming to an end.

Bailey Zappe HeadShot

27. Bailey Zappe (27)

QBR: 33.5*

We’re not sure what to make of Zappe’s five games this season. He’s alternated wins and losses while taking turns looking like a starter and a third-string QB. Regardless, he may be on a new team next year.

Sam Howell QB 150

26. Sam Howell (25)

QBR: 42.2 (24th)

Howell still has a chance to finish the season on a positive note if he can rack up some stats against the Cowboys, who are a shell of themselves on the road. 

Desmond Ridder QB 150

25. Desmond Ridder (24)

QBR: 38.1 (26th)

Week 18 may be the last time Ridder starts an NFL game, if he even starts. With Atlanta’s season likely at an end, the franchise will probably hit the ‘reboot’ button again, and Ridder will be out.

Debate These Eight: How Good or Bad are These Guys?

24. Will Levis (23)

QBR: 34.1 (29th)

Levis had a cameo in the loss to the Texans. While he’s had a regular season as far as rookie QB NFL stats for 2023-2024 are concerned, his job is secure given his “competition.”

Kenny Pickett QB 150

23. Kenny Pickett (21)

QBR: 38.8 (25th)

We’ll need more than a two-game sample to proclaim Mason Rudolph as an upper-tier quarterback. But in these two games, he’s made it an indictment of how paltry Pickett’s stats are.

Justin Fields

22. Justin Fields (22)

QBR: 46.3 (23rd)

Fields is not close to being one of the top NFL quarterbacks. He’s in Year 3 and has barely improved. Everyone loves him, though, so it’s going to be interesting to see what Chicago’s brass does this offseason.

Aidan O’Connell

21. Aidan O’Connell (20)

QBR: 36.9 (27th)

O’Connell has played well, given the situation he found himself in. But with the top quarterback prospects likely off the board when Las Vegas drafts, he may have just bought himself another year with his job.

20. Jake Browning (13)

QBR: 58.5*

Browning and the Bengals came crashing down these past two weeks. Just when it looked like they were going to pull off what Burrow and co. did in 2021, reality hit them squarely in the face. 

Kyler Murray

19. Kyler Murray (NR)

QBR: 47.6 (22nd)

Murray is playing some solid football with no pressure or drama around him. But is that good enough? This was his chance to light up the league, given the circumstances.

Rusell Wilson QB 150

18. Russell Wilson (15)

QBR: 50.7 (21st)

Wilson became the undeserving ‘fall guy’ in what has been another high-profile disappointment in Denver. His days as a Bronco are likely over, given all the legal and personal disputes about his contract. Yikes.

Gardner Minshew II QB 150

17. Gardner Minshew II (19)

QBR: 60.3 (11th)

Minshew has had another successful season as a backup-turned-starter. But all his production will be for naught if he and the Colts can’t beat Houston. A loss for the Colts will end their season. 

The Entertaining Eight: Potential Pro Bowlers

Trevor Lawrence QB

16. Trevor Lawrence (11)

QBR: 58.2 (14th)

Lawrence has not been right since suffering that ankle injury. That’s just but one of his many ailments this season, as he and Jacksonville are on the verge of tumbling out of the playoffs. 

Geno Smith QB 150

15. Geno Smith (17)

QBR: 59.0 (12th)

Smith is finishing strong after a rough middle patch. Everything may come down to what he and the Seahawks do against Arizona. A win and a playoff berth will feel too similar to last year.

Derek Carr QB 150

14. Derek Carr (18)

QBR: 53.9 (18th)

Carr is finally heating up, having thrown 11 touchdowns against three picks for a 110.2 passer rating in his last five starts. Alas, New Orleans may still miss the postseason even if it beats Atlanta this Sunday.

Baker Mayfield QB 150

13. Baker Mayfield (14)

QBR: 55.5 (16th)

Lost in all the Joe Flacco hype is Mayfield’s comeback season. He and the Buccaneers are in the driver’s seat, and all they have to do is beat the 2-14 Panthers to book a ticket to the postseason.

joe flacco headshots

12. Joe Flacco (16)

QBR: 47.8*
MVP Odds: +20000

Flacco has hogged the spotlight when it comes to comeback stories (outside Damar Hamlin). He gets a well-deserved rest this week as he and the Browns will be a fun underdog to back in the NFL playoffs.

Jared Goff QB 150

11. Jared Goff (10)

QBR: 57.9 (15th)
MVP Odds: +50000

Goff did not play his best against Dallas and still came within one blown call away from snapping its home winning streak. Now it’s a question of who he faces in his first playoff game as a Lion.

CJ Stroud QB 150

10. C.J. Stroud (9)

QBR: 54.4 (17th)

Stroud returned with a vengeance as he helped Houston smash Tennessee to stay in the playoff hunt. But to keep the good vibes going, they will have to beat Indianapolis to clinch a spot.

Jordan Love QB 15

9. Jordan Love (12)

QBR: 61.5 (10th)

Love is either the next quarterback messiah in Green Bay, or he’s a disappointing replacement, depending on what happens this Sunday. Objectively, Love has been a great QB for the Cheesheads. But he’ll need to win.

The Next Five: Were Almost MVP Contenders

Jalen Hurts QB 150

8. Jalen Hurts (8)

QBR: 61.6 (9th)
MVP Odds: +20000

The good news: Hurts had one of his best games as a passer against Arizona last week. The bad news: Philadelphia lost and continues to struggle heading to the playoffs.

Mattew Stafford QB 150

7. Matthew Stafford (7)

QBR: 64.0 (6th)
MVP Odds: +20000

Stafford has arguably been an MVP candidate in his final seven starts of the season. He did his job and got the Rams back to the playoffs. Don’t look now, but this team could go on another Super Bowl run. 

Patrick Mahomes QB 150

6. Patrick Mahomes (5)

QBR: 62.5 (8th)
MVP Odds: +20000

Mahomes’s underwhelming 2023 campaign is hardly his fault. His offensive line is a mess, his receivers can’t catch, and Travis Kelce lost his superpowers. And yet, he is still the consensus best quarterback heading to the playoffs.

Tua Tagovailoa QB 150

5. Tua Tagovailoa (6)

QBR: 58.8 (13th)
MVP Odds: +12500

Tagovailoa was voted the AFC Pro Bowl starter, thanks to putting up prolific stats. But unless he can beat Buffalo and clinch Miami’s first division title in nearly 20 years, it will not move anyone.

Josh Allen QB 150

4. Josh Allen (4)

QBR: 68.2 (4th)
MVP Odds: +3000

Allen is still among the top NFL quarterbacks as he finds ways to help Buffalo win. Alas, stats matter, and he finds himself just outside the top three, thanks to a decline in his productivity.

The Triumvirate: The MVP Finalists

Dak Prescott QB 150

3. Dak Prescott (3)

QBR: 70.5 (2nd)
MVP Odds: +1800

Prescott has done just enough these past few games to keep his spot in this tier. He isn’t winning, as the gap between him and the top two is quite pronounced. 

Brock Purdy QB 150

2. Brock Purdy (1)

QBR: 72.7 (1st)
MVP Odds: +2500

With one awful game against Baltimore, Purdy saw his grasp over the MVP trophy slip. He’s got a prayer of a chance at winning it now that Baltimore and San Francisco are playing low-stakes games this week.

Lamar Jackson QB 150

1. Lamar Jackson (2)

QBR: 65.3 (4th)
MVP Odds: -10000

Jackson is going to win his second MVP award, and that’s likely a clincher on his spot in the Hall of Fame. Thus far, every multiple-time MVP winner is in the Hall or widely expected to be in. Congratulations to the man no team wanted to sign this offseason.

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Understandings NFL Player Stats

When it comes to understanding NFL player stats, it’s important to start with the basics. The most common statistics you’ll encounter include yards gained, touchdowns scored, interceptions made, and tackles completed. Each of these metrics can give you a sense of a player’s performance in different areas of the game. 

It's important to remember that statistics can be misleading. For example, a quarterback with high yardage numbers may not necessarily be the best player on the field if they're turning over the ball frequently. As such, it's important to look beyond raw stats and consider the context in which they were earned.

On the other hand, understanding NFL player stats is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Different positions require different skill sets, which in turn may be reflected in different types of stats.

For example, a wide receiver’s success is often measured by their receptions and yards per catch, while a defensive lineman’s performance may be evaluated based on their sacks and tackles for loss. As such, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the NFL stats leaders that are relevant to the positions you’re interested in. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how NFL players are performing and how they fit into their NFL teams’ strategies.

Football Player Odds Explained

When it comes to football player odds, there are a few different types of bets you can place. One of the most common is the over/under bet, which is based on the total number of points that both teams will score in a game.

You can bet on whether the total will be over or under a specific number, which is set by the sportsbook. Another type of bet is the spread bet, which is based on the point spread between the two teams. In this case, you can bet on whether a team will win by more than the point spread (also known as covering the spread) or if they will lose by less than the spread.

Reading NFL Player Stats Information

When exploring NFL player stats, it’s important to approach the data with a keen understanding that football, at its essence, is a game governed by numbers. The collection and organization of these figures, known as statistics, serve as a vital tool in the analysis and comprehension of the sport. The manner in which these numbers are sorted and interpreted can provide measures of success and even help predict future outcomes.

A clear example of the role statistics play in the NFL can be seen in the analysis of a quarterback’s performance. The quarterback rating, or passer rating, is a widely used statistic to evaluate the overall efficiency of quarterbacks. This rating is calculated by a complex formula that takes into account completions, passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions per pass attempt. 

To derive the quarterback rating, one must divide interceptions by pass attempts, subtract that figure from 0.095, and then divide the remainder by 0.04. The sum of these steps can’t exceed 2.375 or be less than zero. Finally, add the sums of the four preceding steps, multiply by 100, and divide by six. The resulting number is the quarterback’s rating.

Betting on a Football Player

Betting on NFL games isn’t limited to moneyline or NFL point spreads betting odds. Bet on players using their stats. Referred to as “player props,” they’re available in the sportsbooks’ props section. Alternatively, there are “outrights” (MVP, passing/rushing/touchdown leaders, as examples) too.

Additionally, odds can change leading up to a game based on factors like public opinion, news about player injuries, and fluctuations in betting volume. As such, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news and trends in order to make informed bets.

What To Get Before You Bet

Seek out all information, including injuries, coaching changes and media bias (however you wish to define that). They’re just three factors to consider when looking at an NFL player’s odds, but always stay focused on the NFL stats leaders. Backing the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen to win MVP (hypothetically) would require looking closely at the entire team’s stats, as well as its roster.

NBA Player Odds

When it comes to football player odds, it's important to remember they are based on a variety of factors. Some of the most important include the teams' recent performance, the weather conditions on game day, and any injuries or suspensions affecting key players.

NFL Player Stats Today – FAQS

Which are the most important NFL player stats today?

There are many yardage stats useful for determining point scoring opportunities, but the best to be taken into account are offensive yards per attempt, offensive yards per carry, and offensive starting positions, to name a few.

What are NFL player statistics and why are they important?

NFL player statistics are numerical representations of a player’s performance on the field. They are crucial because they help teams, analysts, and fans understand a player’s strengths and weaknesses, measure their success, and predict their future performance.

What are the basic statistics provided for each NFL player?

Basic statistics for each player typically include details like the player’s name, position, team, height, weight, and college. Additionally, performance data such as passing, rushing, receiving, and defensive stats are also provided depending on the player’s position.

What are career statistics in the NFL?

Career statistics are the accumulated stats of a player throughout their professional career in the NFL. They provide a long-term view of a player’s performance and achievements over time.

How are team statistics different from individual player statistics?

While individual player statistics focus on the performance of a single player, team statistics sum up the performance of all players in a team. Team stats give a broader view of a team’s performance in categories such as overall offense, passing, rushing, scoring, and more.

Can player statistics help predict the outcome of an NFL game?

Yes, player statistics can be used to make educated predictions about game outcomes. Analysts often use player and team stats, along with other factors like recent performance, injuries, and even weather conditions, to predict the results of future games.

Wilson gets a much-deserved rest following his and the Broncos’ upset over Kansas City. Watch out for them on the NFL betting lines as Sean Payton is 9-3 in his last 12 games after the bye week. 

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