NCAAF Standings

NCAA Football Standings

With the NCAAF standings having more than 130 teams, it’s difficult to navigate. A little pro tip is to use the “find” function (“CTRL” and “F”) to find the desired team(s) or conference(s). All the conferences are listed on this page.

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NCAA Football Standings: Explained

Each of the conferences is listed alphabetically. Scroll down to find the Southeastern Conference (SEC) standings. The table lists each team’s overall/conference records, plus home/away record, current streak and points/against, too.

NCAA Football Season: Explained

College football teams generally play a 13-game regular season, culminating in a bowl game (provided they qualify). Then, the four best teams, as selected by a voting panel, participate in the College Football Playoff (CFP), akin to semifinals. Those games produce winners who oppose one another for the national title. Teams who are involved in the CFP are usually unbeaten or one-loss conference champions from the marquee conferences (Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern). These teams are also usually the leaders in NCAA Football scores and standings. The others will compete in their own bowl games, important in their own right. In short, the top teams in each conference are likely to play extra games at the end of the season.

NCAA Football (Non-CFP) Major Event of the Season

The bowl games comprising the College Football Playoff carry extra weight and scrutiny. However, each bowl has its own point spread for bettors to ponder. There are dozens of bowl games, but the six with the prestige are (alphabetically) the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Peach Bowl, the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. …and the National Championship Game is referred to as just that.

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