Golf Player Stats

Golf Player Statistics

Find the golf player stats here. They’re the PGA Tour leaders when it comes to various categories. Plenty of the top tour players are listed here, but not always. Track these stats may well give you the edge you need when wagering.

Reading Player Stats

If you need help interpreting the stats, head to the official golf website or do a quick Google search as to what they mean. You won’t need to memorize all the golf player stats, but it’s better to be familiar with how each translates to the course(s) that is/are in play.  

Betting on a Player

Bet on golfers with the moneyline odds they’re given. All golf wagering is usually done via the Outrights, as in which golfer “outright” wins the tournament. Alternatively, you can bet on head-to-head as a singular event. It’s where you’d bet on which player finishes with the better score (Brooks Koepka vs Rory McIlroy, as an example).  

Player Odds, Explained

Golf players’ betting odds are generally long, considering that winning a tournament can be very difficult. Even the top players in the world won’t win more than a handful of per years.

What to Get Before You Bet

Try to secure all the current information that’s available, since it’s best to wager on more than one player to win. Calculate the probabilities of the players involved to see if your “winner” covers the rest of the expenditures.

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