EPL Player Stats

Before betting on the English Premier League, it’s also worth monitoring which players are injured and suspended due to red cards and/or yellow card accumulation. The absence of a key player can change the complexion of a game and the point spreads will reflect that. Be sure to check the updated EPL player stats information. 


Understanding English Premier League Player Stats

The most common English Premier League player stats are counting statistics like goals, assists and saves. Note that assists are awarded only to a player whose pass immediately leads to a goal.

The player who scores the most goals at the end of the season is crowned the Golden Boot winner. For English Premier League Golden Boot betting, it is important to know which players typically take penalty kicks for their teams. PKs can swing the EPL odds and the race in a particular player’s favor. Similar to a Most Valuable Player award, the player judged to be the best in the Premier League for a particular season is named the Player of the Season.

All of the counting statistics are important but they aren’t the only relevant ones for soccer betting. A combination of goals per 90 minutes, goals minus expected goals, and goals minus penalty kicks may be better measures of how productive a striker is from open play than only goals. Goalkeepers are often judged on how often they keep clean sheets, but other measures of their contributions may be gleaned by researching stats such as save percentage and goals allowed, minus expected goals allowed. 

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