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The Championships or better known as “Wimbledon” is professional tennis’s oldest and most prestigious tournament. It is one of the four Grand Slams and is contested on a grass court. As such, Wimbledon odds are frequently bet on and are available from the sportsbook for the whole year. Bet on tennis including the Wimbledon at any time. 


Wimbledon odds manifest as either a decimal, fractional, or American format. The American format, which is popular on the online sports betting site, displays as either a negative number or positive number. A negative number like -150 indicates how much to stake to win $100. In this example, $150 wins $100. A positive number like +130 shows how much is won when staking $100. In this case, you may win $130 if you bet $100.

Odds to Win Wimbledon – Men’s

*Last Updated: 26/1/26 Moneyline
Novak Djokovic -105
Matteo Berrettini +650
Rafael Nadal +700
Daniil Medvedev +800
Carlos Alcaraz +650
Alexander Zverev +1000
Jannik Sinner +1800

Odds to Win Wimbledon – Women’s

*Last Updated: 26/1/26 Moneyline
Iga Swiatek +450
Ons Jabeur +800
Elena Rybakina +800
Cori Gauff +1100
Aryna Sabalenka +900
Emma Raducanu +2000
Petra Kvitova +2000

How to bet on Wimbledon?

Betting on Wimbledon comes in many markets. The most common and widely available one is the outrights market. This is where you bet on which player will win the Wimbledon tournament. You can find these odds open as early as when the previous tournament ends. 

After Wimbledon’s draw has been revealed, we can start betting on the pre-match odds. These are the game handicap, moneyline, and total. The handicap is akin to point spreads in football: It refers to how many games by which the player will win. The bet wins if the player wins the match after their game handicaps are deducted or added.

Moneyline is more straightforward: bet on which player will win the match. And total is where you bet on whether the combined games between the two players will go over or under the bookmaker’s total. 

We can also bet on first-set odds. This is akin to a moneyline for the match but only deals with the first set. 

Occasionally, we can also find prop bets for Wimbledon. These prop bets include specific outcomes such as the round of elimination for a player or how many aces will be served during a match. Find these odds quickly as they are not on the board as long as our more traditional markets. 

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