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Understanding Europa League Team Stats

UEFA Europa League Group Stage participants are awarded three points for a win, none for a loss and one for a tie. Here are plenty of Europa League stats by team that can be researched but some of the most common are in the standings or match recaps. Examples include points, goal difference, goals and goals against, shots and shots on target and possession.

Goal difference, calculated by subtracting a team’s goals conceded from their goals for, is one of the most important statistics around. It can fundamentally change the Europa League Knockout Stage race. That’s because it’s one of the tiebreakers in the event that two or more teams are tied at the end of the Group Stage.

The ones already mentioned aren’t the only soccer team stats relevant for betting. Home and away records are important as well as records against the goal line. Shutout percentage can provide a decent idea of the quality of a team’s goalie and back line. Meanwhile, make sure to stay updated on yellow and red cards for suspension reasons.
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Past Seasons

2022/23 UEFA Europa League Overview: Goals Galore and Defensive Excellence

The 2022-23 UEFA Europa League season was nothing short of spectacular: Sevilla clinched their unprecedented seventh title, for instance. Let’s delve into the key highlights that made this season memorable:

Goals Galore

Throughout the campaign, goals were the heart and soul of the competition. Only five games ended goalless, with just two in the group stage.

Short Passing Favored

A significant shift in strategy was witnessed, with teams favoring short passing from the goalkeeper to progress into the midfield third.

Wide Areas Preferred

To combat compact central defenses, many teams strategically operated in wide areas. Clubs like Sevilla, Union SG, Juventus, and Bayer Leverkusen effectively exploited this tactic, providing unpredictability in their attacks.

Player of the Season: Jesús Navas

At 37 years old, Jesús Navas showcased his enduring talent, playing a pivotal role in Sevilla’s journey to the final. As club captain, he secured his fourth UEFA Cup/Europa League title, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament’s history.

But, as in everything, there are many groups who did not make it through to the next Europa League season; below is a list of those who did not make it.

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