Bellator MMA is one of the leading mixed martial arts promotions in the world. Many would place Bellator behind only the UFC. As such, Bellator betting odds are widely available from the best sportsbook. It is easy to bet on Bellator, which features several high-profile fighters and top-tier main events.

Bellator Odds

The Bellator betting odds function similarly to MMA betting odds: the main markets are the moneyline, round totals, and props. You can bet on Bellator fights when the lines are opened, usually during the week of the event. On some occasions, some lines are released much earlier usually for a big fight or event.

Bellator Schedule


To bet on Bellator, you will need to learn about the betting odds. Bellator odds manifest as either American odds, the popular format for fighting in sportsbooks, decimal odds, or fractional odds. American odds appear as either a negative number (e.g. -150) or positive number (e.g. +135). These indicate the favorite and underdog, respectively.


For the moneyline, this is where you bet on which fighter will win the fight. As an American format, the negative number will show you how much you need to wager to win $100 while the positive number reveals how much you win with a $100 stake.

For example, in the Patricio “Pitbull” Freire versus A.J. McKee fight, Pitbull is listed at -140 while McKee is at +120. This means that a stake of $140 is required to win $100 on Pitbull as the favorite. His probability of winning is greater than 50 percent. Meanwhile, McKee will return $120 for every $100. The implied probability of his success is less than 50 percent.

Since it’s MMA, there is almost always a winner. This can come either via knockout, submission, or a decision. However, in the rare event of a draw, all bets are pushed (stakes are returned but there are no winnings).


The other way to bet Bellator MMA fights is through the round totals. This is when you bet on whether the total number of rounds goes over or under the oddsmaker’s totals. These manifest with a fractional number like 2½ or 4½. Like the moneyline, these come with odds like -115 on each side.

For instance, the Pitbull versus McKee fight is lined with a 2½ total. In the fight, Pitbull wins a decision after all five rounds are fought. The correct wager is on the “over” 2½ as there were more than 2½ rounds fight. A wager of $115 would have returned $100 given the -115 odds.

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