NHL Odds

Anyone interested in NHL public betting should understand how to read and calculate the NHL odds. The odds decide whether or not your wager will be successful, and how much money you’ll win if it is.

Even if hockey betting lines seem confusing at first look, understanding how to read and comprehend them will guarantee that you know how they work and make more informed judgments when wagering money online.

NHL Betting Odds & Lines Today

NHL Conference Odds:

Rot Odds to win 2023 Eastern Conference Moneyline
901 Boston Bruins     +275
902 Carolina Hurricanes     +600
903 New Jersey Devils     +600
904 Tampa Bay Lightning     +700
905 Toronto Maple Leafs     +700
906 Florida Panthers     +700
907 New York Rangers     +900
908 Pittsburgh Penguins     +1200
909 New York Islanders     +2000
910 Washington Capitals     +3300
911 Detroit Red Wings     +4000
912 Buffalo Sabres     +5000
913 Ottawa Senators     +8000
914 Philadelphia Flyers     +10000
915 Montreal Canadiens     +10000
916 Columbus Blue Jackets     +10000
All wagers have action.
Rot Odds to win 2023 Western Conference Moneyline
1901 Colorado Avalanche     +200
1902 Vegas Golden Knights     +375
1903 Calgary Flames     +700
1904 Edmonton Oilers     +1000
1905 Dallas Stars     +1300
1906 Minnesota Wild     +1400
1907 Los Angeles Kings     +1600
1908 Winnipeg Jets     +1800
1909 St. Louis Blues     +2200
1910 Seattle Kraken     +3300
1911 Nashville Predators     +4000
1912 Vancouver Canucks     +8000
1913 San Jose Sharks     +10000
1914 Anaheim Ducks     +12500
1915 Chicago Blackhawks     +12500
1916 Arizona Coyotes     +20000
All wagers have action.

NHL Divisions Odds:

Understanding NHL Betting Odds

How Do NHL Odds Work?

Bookmakers use betting odds to indicate their view on the likelihood of a particular event or set of circumstances. In the United Kingdom and other areas of Europe, these odds are commonly expressed as a fraction (2/1) or a decimal (3.0).

When a number has a plus or minus sign in front of it, a moneyline or American method is a more usual alternative. Whether from horse racing and football, any event on which bookmakers take bets is provided with betting odds.

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Types of Betting & Examples


How Are Sports Wagering Odds Calculated?

Bookmakers have dedicated teams that generate betting odds for each event individually. Most are influenced by Vegas odds, however.

How Do I Interpret Sports Wagering Odds?

Each odds variant is interpreted differently. Consult the above guide and the internet for more information.

Is There a Difference in the Odds Based on the Sport?

In reality, the location of the intended audience will have some bearing on this decision.

What’s the Use in Knowing the Odds in Sports Betting?

It will help you understand lines better, identify value, and make better overall choices.

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