Golf Schedules

Understanding the Golf Schedule

Golf is a sport that is played year-round. The PGA Tour operates from September to August with close to 50 official events. The LPGA Tour is more straightforward and runs from January to November with around 34 to 35 events. You can bet on golf at any time from the sportsbook.

Main Events for the Season 

While every golf tournament is worth paying attention to, the major events will draw most of the betting interest. For the PGA, this includes the four major championships, the Players Championship and the FedEx Cup Playoffs to end the season. 

The four majors are as follows:

The Players Championship is not considered a major, but it is the flagship event of the PGA Tour and has the biggest prize pool. The FedEx Cup Playoffs is a three-event series that usually runs in August and September.

For the LPGA, odds are also available at times, especially for their major tournaments: 

  • Chevron Championship (April)
  • U.S. Women’s Open (Early June)
  • Women’s PGA Championship (Late June)
  • Evian Championship (July)
  • Women’s Open (August)

3 Tips Before Betting Golf

Betting on golf is a bit more straightforward than other sports. But, it can also be tricky and offers plenty of ways to wager. Keep in mind three tips for the major aspects:

  1. Research the course and the weather. Golf tournaments typically go for four days from Thursday to Sunday. The weather can change dramatically and thus affect the scores and outcome. 
  2. Golf offers no point spreads per se, but you can bet on totals (over/under) for players. It’s best to look up player stats and, if you can, find how they fared on the betting performance history. 
  3. Focus on the odds, not the player. As with most sports odds, the most popular players can get the shortest odds. Tiger Woods often finds himself at short odds simply because of his name.
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