NFL Odds

As the most popular professional sport in the United States, betting on NFL games is a favorite activity of many sports fans. However, for those who like to add more excitement to their Sunday afternoons, there are many different ways to bet on NFL.

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Understanding NFL Point Spreads

How Do NFL Odds Work?

When looking at NFL odds on any online sportsbook, they are represented as a number that is either positive (+) or negative (-). The minus sign in front of the odds means that the team is the favorite to win the game, while a minus sign represents the team that is the underdog or the team that has a lesser chance of winning.

The odds also indicate how a winning wager will be paid out. A minus before the odds show how much needs to be wagered to win $100, while a plus sign indicates a bet on the underdog with the number indicating the amount won for every $100 wagered.

Types of Betting

  • Moneyline – A moneyline wager is a bet on the team that will win the game outright, without any lines involved. The odds are shown as a three-digit number with a plus or minus before them to indicate the favorite and underdog for the matchup.
  • Point Spread – A bet on the spread is the most popular wager in NFL football. It encourages action on both teams, no matter how much better one is than the other. The team next to the negative number is the favorite, with the number indicating how many points they are favored to win by.
  • Total – Betting on the total, or over/under, is a wager on how many total points will be scored between both teams in the game. Players can bet whether the total will go over or under the number indicated.
  • Parlay – A parlay is a wager that includes more than one bet. It can consist of a combination of a moneyline, spread, or total wager from one or more games.
  • Teasers – A teaser is a parlay where all bets are against the spread or the total. The bettor will be given more favorable spreads, with the potential payout being much less than a regular parlay.
  • Futures – These are wagers that can be made before the start of the season and predict the outcome in categories such as who will win the Super Bowl or which player will win specific individual awards at the season’s end. The odds on futures bets will change as the season progresses.

Rot Odds to win NFC Conference Moneyline
121 Tampa Bay Buccaneers     +350
122 Los Angeles Rams     +500
123 Green Bay Packers     +550
124 San Francisco 49ers     +800
125 Dallas Cowboys     +900
126 Arizona Cardinals     +1400
127 Philadelphia Eagles     +1400
128 New Orleans Saints     +2000
129 Minnesota Vikings     +2000
130 Washington Commanders     +4000
131 Chicago Bears     +6600
132 Seattle Seahawks     +6600
133 New York Giants     +6600
134 Atlanta Falcons     +7500
135 Carolina Panthers     +7500
136 Detroit Lions     +7500
All wagers have action.

Rot Odds to win AFC Conference Moneyline
221 Buffalo Bills     +325
222 Kansas City Chiefs     +450
223 Los Angeles Chargers     +700
224 Denver Broncos     +800
225 Cleveland Browns     +1200
226 Baltimore Ravens     +1000
227 Cincinnati Bengals     +1000
228 Indianapolis Colts     +1200
229 Tennessee Titans     +1400
230 Miami Dolphins     +1400
231 Las Vegas Raiders     +1400
232 New England Patriots     +2000
233 Pittsburgh Steelers     +3000
234 Jacksonville Jaguars     +7500
235 New York Jets     +7500
236 Houston Texans     +12500
All wagers have action.

Betting Examples

When looking at the most popular bet, the spread, the team with the negative number is the favorite. For example, if Pittsburgh is -6 against the Cowboys, who are +6, a bet on Pittsburgh means they must win the game by seven points or more to win the wager. A bet on the Cowboys means they would have to either win the game outright or lose by less than six points to win.

When betting on the total, or over/under, say the Steelers and Cowboys’ total is 44. To win taking the over, the total points scored by both teams must be at least 45 points. For the under bet, the total points score must be less than 45 to be a winner.


Does an NFL spread bet include overtime?

Yes. In all popular NFL bets, overtime is included in the outcome.

Can I bet on NFL games legally online?

Betting on NFL games is legal, depending on where you live. Check the laws in your state to see if NFL wagering is available.

Can you parlay a moneyline and a spread?

Various bets can be included in a parlay, but you can’t bet the spread and the moneyline from the same game.

What’s the best way to bet on the NFL?

There are various ways to bet on NFL games, with the most popular wager being the spread bet.

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