NBA Player Stats



NBA Player Statistics

Want to see the NBA Player Stats and which NBA players are trending? Stat tables give quick glimpses of the leaders per category, Bettors will find the NBA’s top stars in most of these tables, which include scoring, rebounding and assists ranked per game. 

Reading Player Stats

The dropdown menu can filter what portion of the season you want to see, including the playoffs and preseason. Note that players have to qualify to be a part of the list, meaning they have to have played the minimum number of games to that point in the season. 

Betting on a Player

It’s the same as if you’d bet on game outcomes, but it’s wagering on players, either in an individual game (over/under). totals for a season (over/under) or as an “outright” (MVP, scoring/rebounding/assist season leader, as an example). Those wagers come with odds.

Player Odds, Explained

Odds will be displayed as a moneyline, just like straight betting on a team. Try to familiarize yourself with how the moneyline and NBA betting odds translate into probabilities.

What to Get Before You Bet

Before undertaking any sports betting, do some research. Read NBA injury reports, team performance and advanced analytics to get a clearer picture of players in advance of your wager.

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