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Getting Into the NASCAR Betting Odds

NASCAR betting odds can be an exciting endeavor for any racing enthusiast. As the NASCAR Cup series Championship 2023 approaches, fans are eagerly looking forward to betting on their favorite drivers and teams.

With NASCAR odds, fans can place bets on the outright winner of the championship, the top drivers for each race, and even the exact finishing position of a driver.

However, before diving into the world of NASCAR betting, it’s important to do some research and analysis to understand the current form and performance of drivers and teams. With careful planning and knowledge of the odds, fans can maximize their chances of winning big in the NASCAR Cup series Championship 2023.

Odds To Win the NASCAR Cup Series Championship 2023

Chase Elliott +550
Kyle Larson+600
Denny Hamlin+775
Ryan Blaney+950
William Byron+1200
Joey Logano+900
Ross Chastain +1200
Martin Truex Jr. +1100

Types of NASCAR Bets

For those new to NASCAR, it’s important to understand the different types of NASCAR bets that are available. In addition to betting on motorsports on the outright winner of a race/championship, fans can also bet on the head-to-head matchups between drivers, as well as on the total number of laps led by a driver.

It’s also recommended to consider factors such as track conditions, weather, and team performance when placing bets on NASCAR races. With so many variables at play, it’s important to take a calculated approach and not rely solely on luck when deciding how to bet on NASCAR.

Moneyline Betting

The moneyline is used to determine a favorite. In a simple head-to-head matchup, you might see a negative number and a positive number. In that scenario, the negative number belongs to the favorite to win, and the positive number belongs to the underdog.

Outright Winner

Looking at the outright winner is a different story. When looking at the odds field, there are no negative numbers. The drivers with the lowest positive number are considered the favorites, since it pays out less if they win.

Other Typical Bets:

The bets typically wagered are the race winner, top-three finish, pole position, lap times, head-to-head matchups, props, and futures.
Race winner is exactly as it sounds. A top-three finish is a bet in which you think a certain driver will finish in the top three.
Pole position occurs before the actual race begins. This is a bet simply on a driver with the best pole position or where they end up at.
Lap times are similar to pole position, but this occurs during the race. Who do you think will have the best lap time?
Futures bets are best made typically at the beginning of the season on big events. Think of Daytona 500 or who might be the Cup Series champion. Props are fun bets, like wagering on which driving team or manufacturer will produce a winner.

How To Read NASCAR Odds

Reading NASCAR betting odds can seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a straightforward process. Odds in NASCAR betting are typically presented in a fractional format, such as 5/1 or 8/1, which represents the potential payout for a winning bet.

The first number in the fraction represents the potential winnings if you were to bet the second number.


If a driver has odds of 5/1 to win a race, a $1 bet would potentially pay out $5 in winnings, if that driver were to win. The higher the second number in the fraction, the lower the chances of that driver or team winning the race or championship, and therefore the higher the potential payout for a winning bet.


Looking at simple moneyline odds, you can easily dictate the favorite. Driver 1 has the best chance to win, since his payout is the lowest.

  • Driver 1: +200
  • Driver 2: +300
  • Driver 3: +350

A $100 wager on Driver 1 will return $200 if they win. The same is applied to Driver 3, where a $100 wager would return $350.

It’s important to keep in mind that odds can change leading up to a race based on factors such as driver performance, track conditions, and weather. By keeping up with the latest news and developments in the sport, fans can make informed decisions when it comes to betting on NASCAR races.


When are NASCAR odds released?

NASCAR odds are usually released days or weeks before a race, but the exact timing can vary by sportsbook. Odds can change leading up to the race based on driver performance and weather conditions.

How often do betting lines change?

NASCAR betting lines can change frequently leading up to a race, and even during the race itself. Changes in driver performance, injuries, and weather conditions can all impact the betting lines.

How many types of NASCAR betting odds are for wagering?

There are several types of NASCAR odds, including outright winner, top driver for each race, and head-to-head matchups between drivers. Other types of bets may include predicting the exact finishing position of a driver or the total number of laps led by a driver. The specific types of NASCAR odds offered can vary.
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