Getting into the NASCAR Odds

To bet on NASCAR, the most important thing you can do is conduct the best research possible. There are clear winners and sometimes toss-ups depending on the type of track and where it is at.

Some events are short and sweet, while others have an endurance test for drivers. Some tracks are superspeedways, while others are dirt tracks.

How to read NASCAR Betting Odds

When looking at NASCAR betting odds, you will notice only a few options for bets. There are not any point spreads, and everything has a moneyline.

The moneyline is used to determine a favorite. In a simple head-to-head matchup, you might see a negative number and a positive number.

In that scenario, the negative is the favorite to win, and the positive is the underdog. Looking at the outright winner is a different story.

When looking at the field, there are not any negative numbers. The drivers with the lowest positive number are considered the favorites since it pays out less if they win.

The bets typically wagered are the race winner, top-three finish, pole position, lap times, head-to-head matchups, props, and futures.

Race winner is exactly as it sounds. A top three finish is a bet that you think a certain driver will finish in the top three.

Pole position occurs before the actual race begins. This is a bet simply on a driver with the best pole position or where they end up at.

Lap times are similar to pole position, but this occurs during the race. Who do you think has the best lap time?

As for futures, these are best made typically at the beginning of the season on big events. Think of Daytona 500 or who might be the Cup Series champion. Props are fun bets, like which driving team or manufacturer will produce a winner.

NASCAR Example

Looking at simple moneyline odds, you can easily dictate the favorite. Driver 1 has the best chance to win since his payout is the lowest.

  • Driver 1: +200
  • Driver 2: +300
  • Driver 3: +350

A $100 wager on Driver 1 will return $200 if they win. The same is applied to Driver 3, where a $100 wager would return $350.

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